Kentucky Pistol
.50 caliber, 7-1/2" octagon-to-round barrel,
L&R John Bailes flint lock, curly maple, Sterling Silver trim,
by Stefan Grimes
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Price: $2,369.00
This finely made Kentucky pistol is stocked in curly maple, stained to a reddish brown with golden undertones. The .925 Sterling Silver furniture is very neatly fitted and finished with a hand burnished appearance that nicely compliments the darker tone of the stock, lock, and barrel. The octagon-to-round barrel and L&R John Bailes lock are both finished to a smooth dark brown. Hand assembled by builder Stefan Grimes the barrel is signed on the top flat of the breech .

The 7-1/2" octagon-to-round barrel has been draw filed and polished smooth then finished to a dark brown. The .50 caliber bore is mirror bright, cut rifled with a seven lands and grooves with a fast twist ideal for a patched round ball. The barrel is fitted with a low blade sterling silver front sight. No rear sight is fitted in the style of belt or holster pistols designed to be used at close range. Viewed from above the breech end of the barrel is fitted with a flared thumbnail tang accented with hand engraving. The barrel is hand engraved S. Grimes on the top flat of the breech while the quarter flat is neatly stamped 444. . The stock is shaped with graceful slender proportions that follow the taper and flare of the barrel.

The curly maple stock is nicely shaped with a slender grip fitted with a sterling silver buttcap. The buttcap is hand engraved with a rope border along the edge. The sterling silver triggerguard is pinned into position. The triggerguard bow is hand engraved with a decorative border and snowflake design. The ramrod pipes are shaped with raised rings on the ends and the entry pipe has a long pointed skirt. The muzzle cap protects the end grain of the stock as well as acts as the escutcheon plate for the polished and fire blued wedge key. The sideplate is shaped with sweeping curves, filed moldings, and a pointed tail. A hand engraved border with a star burst design accents the rear lock bolt. Both lock bolts have been neatly fitted with the slots indexed.

Finished to match the barrel, the L&R John Bailes flintlock has a crisp action and a well hardened frizzen. This smaller lock is a fine London design, in the style of John Bailes, gunmaker. Locks of this design are found on English pistols, rifles and fowlers of the 1770-1810 period. More complex than the small Siler lock, notice that the cock jaws point directly into the semi-waterproof pan. The unusual frizzen flange fits and seals the pan, keeping priming dry. The well designed tumbler and sear have raised bearing rings turned around axles, to minimize friction. Lock makers sometimes call this a “frictionless" or “ghosted" lock, because you can see through its internals, if viewed sideways. When using our best 5/8" knapped English gun flints, #FLINT-ENG-5, the lock will throw a shower of sparks into the pan. A direct drilled vent hole is well centered, positioned at the mid point between the bottom and top edge of the pan.

Very neatly fitted and finished this light weight Kentucky pistol with its' 19th century styling, would be a fine addition to your historical impression. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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