Virginia Longrifle,
.54 caliber 42" swamped octagon barrel,
R.E. Davis flintlock, maple, brass trim,
new, unfired, by Thom Frazier
Part Number: AAR-209
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Stocked in maple, stained to a amber brown, this brass trimmed flint longrifle blends the English and Germanic features common to the Virginia school.. The .54 caliber 44" swamped octagon barrel gives the rifle excellent balance without being overly muzzle heavy. Built by Minnesota gun maker Thom Frazier, this rifle is signed on the top flat of the barrel, and is a nice example of this popular gun maker's work. This rifle is as-new, in unfired condition. Trigger reach is 13-1/2" to fit today's average man size shooter, and the rifle's weight is 8.7 pounds.

This longrifle is fitted with a 42" Colerain swamped octagon barrel. The swamped octagon barrel is thickest at the breech, tapers to a narrow waist, and flares at the muzzle. The .54 caliber bore is cut rifled with six lands and radius grooves with a 1 in 56" twist for a tightly patched round ball. The bore is bright and clean, in new condition. The exterior of the barrel is finished bright to match the lock. The top flat of the barrel is signed T. Frazier with the quarter flat engraved No. 182. A flat top rear sight is dovetailed 11-1/4" ahead of the breech. A nickel silver blade front sight with brass base is fitted behind the muzzle.

The maple stock is stained to a golden amber brown to best display the figure. The stock is accented with an incised molding along the toe. Earlier rifles are generally not as highly decorated as later "golden age" longrifles. The buttstock is fitted with a wide flat buttplate to spread the felt recoil from the .54 caliber bore over a large area. The buttplate comb is shaped with broad flats and a wedding band The buttplate is not perfectly centered behind the tang. Rather, it is offset from the right hand shooter's cheek. This feature is called cast-off, and it places the right hand shooter's eye directly behind the line of sight, making this gun instinctive to point and shoot for a right hand shooter. The sliding wood patchbox provides a storage area for flints, patches, jags, or other shooting accessories. Compress the spring at the base toward the lid and slide it to the rear to provide access to the internal compartment.

The flared tang of the barrel is retained by a single tang bolt, the slot neatly aligned with the barrel. A long panel of raised carving flows from the lock panels down the wrist and surrounds the tang of the breech plug. A similar panel of raised carving decorates the stock around the ramrod entry pipe. The triggerguard has a wide open bow to accept the Germanic styled double lever double set trigger. The triggerguard is mounted in early fashion with a combination of pin and screw. The stock has a slender profile with the forearm and forend following the taper and flare of the swamped barrel. An entry pipe with long tapered skirt, and two forward pipes mount the 3/8" ramrod. The tapered ramrod is fitted with a flared brass tip and the opposite end is fitted with a steel tip with 8-32 threads to accept loading and shooting accessories. The large brass sideplate has a Germanic influence with the sweeping curves and squared tail. The square cheek is accented with an incised molding along the edge. A incised molding extends from the toe to the triggerguard, creating a slimming effect.

Ignition is sure-fire, provided by this large Germanic style flint lock by R. E. Davis. Notice the early style frizzen pivot screw, a stud mounted without a pan bridle. The fancy flash pan has an octagon shape, surrounded by a molding below, as it joins the plate. This flint lock is fast, with a strong mainspring, and it sparks well. Order a dozen of our best English 7/8" gun flints for best performance. The rifle is fitted with a Germanic style double set trigger with a long rear trigger. Properly tuned and adjusted the triggers can be set and fired in any sequence. Set the rear trigger to lighten the trigger pull when at the range or leave the triggers unset for use during hunting. A direct drilled vent hole is positioned well above the bottom of the pan, centered on the heat of the flash.

We recommend this simple and attractive Virginia rifle for the French & Indian War era reenactor or the Revolutionary War volunteer, seeking a suitable gun for militia duty. This longrifle is new, unfired. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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