Swivel Breech Longrifle,
.50 caliber rifled and smoothbore, 31-3/4" barrels,
curly maple, flintlock, new, unfired,
signed by Leonard Day
Part Number: AAQ-947
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This handsome flintlock longrifle is a swivel breech design, sometimes called wender rifles in period texts. The swivel breech has the advantage of allowing two quick shots, but has the disadvantage of extra weight, cost, and complexity. Constructed by well known contemporary gun maker Mr. Leonard Day. This rifle has a 13-3/4" trigger reach to fit today's average size shooter. Weight is 10 pounds, which is reasonable for a rifle with two barrels.

The two .50 caliber barrels have been profiled to just over 13/16" tall by just under 3/4" wide octagonal shape. Each barrel is 31-3/4" length, which gives the rifle a 10 pound weight. One bore is cut rifled with six narrow lands and wide grooves with a slow twist for a tightly patched round ball. The other is .50 caliber smoothbore for use with a patched round ball, lead or bismuth shot. Both barrels are bright in as-new condition. Both barrels are fitted with a brass blade front sight dovetailed just behind the muzzle and a flat top rear sight 6" ahead of the action.

The rifle is stocked in maple stained to a dark brown with reddish undertones to display the figure over the length of the buttstock and forearm. Trimmed in brass, all the furniture is polished bright and will develop a mellow patina with age and use. The patchbox is shaped and hand engraved in the style of A. Figthorn, Reading, Pennsylvania. The door is secured with a catch spring along the edge of the buttplate. Beneath the door is a deep cut cavity for storing shooting accessories.

The buttstock is decorated with raised and incised carving that wraps over the wrist and flows into the square cheek piece. The cheekpiece is shaped with a molded edge and inlaid with a nickel silver hunter's star. The raised carving is accented with a considerable amount of silver wire inlay. The ramrod lies in a side panel along one side of the rifle barrels. The ramrod pipe skirt is neatly accented with hand engraving to compliment the patchbox. The tapered ramrod has a brass tip with 8-32 threads for loading and cleaning accessories.

Ignition is provided by a unique back action swivel breech flintlock, made and signed by Leonard Day. The single trigger has a smooth release. The forward lever is to release the barrel from the locked position. Put the rifle at half cock, push the lever forward and the barrel can be swiveled until the new barrel locks in place. The barrels can be turned slightly in each position. Internally there is a adjustment nut to tighten the action.

This flintlock swivel breech rifle has bright clean bores. The .50 caliber barrels give this rifle a modest weight, with the benefit of a quick second shot. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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