Left Kentucky Pistol,
.54 caliber 9-7/8" W.M. Large swamped barrel,
maple halfstock, Siler flintl ock, iron trim,
used, signed by K. W. Butler
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This left hand halfstock pistol is stocked in maple with a checkered bag style grip for a large man's hand. The pistol is trimmed in browned iron furniture with a poured pewter forend cap. The left hand large Siler flintlock has been reshaped to a English appearance and finished to a heat blue. The W. L. Large barrel, under rib, & rod pipe are finished to a dark brown. The pistol is signed Kenton W. Butler on the top flat of the barrel.

The .54 caliber 9-7/8" barrel appears to be hand filed to a swamped profile. The swamped profile is thickest at the breech, tapers to a narrow waist and flares at the muzzle. The breech end of the barrel is stamped with the mark of custom barrel maker W.L. Large. William Large was well known for the accuracy of his cut rifled barrels, which are still sought after today. The barrel is finished to a dark brown with some visible wear near the muzzle and breech typical of firing and handling.

The pistol is shaped with a wide bag style grip, checkered from the rear of the lock panel to the base. The base i is decorated with a raised carved Fluer de Lys. The iron triggerguard is decorated with hand engraving and finished to a dark brown. The forend is fitted with a poured pewter for forend cap that also acts as the ramrod entry pipe. The side panel is fitted with a sheet brass sideplate decorated with folk art style engraving. To the rear of the side plate the stock is inlaid with silver wire and bone or horn. The upper front edge of the lock panel has a hairline crack developing at the edge of the lock mortise inlet. this appears to be from wood shrinkage as the pistol aged.

This left hand large Siler flintlock has been reshaped with a rounded pan and a rounded tail with a small teat in English style. The lock has been decorated with folk art style engraving on the tail and is marked KB / 1585 below the pan. The lock is finished with a fire or heat blue, not a very durable finish it displays typical wear from firing, handling, and cleaning. We recommend our 3/4" knapped English flints for use in this lock. The lock is fitted with a strong mainspring and throws a shower of sparks into the pan.

Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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