French Tulle fusil-de-chasse,
20 gauge, 42" octagon-to-round barrel,
TVLLE marked flintlock, maple, bright iron trim,
used, by Kendall Brady
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Patterned after the French trade guns originally made in France, at the Tulle arsenal, or at Saint Etienne, the French fusil-de-chasse was a light weight gun-for-the-hunt. The stock architecture and iron trim resemble those of the heavier French military muskets, with a slender graceful appearance. In 1716 the Governor of New France requested “600 fusils de chasse from Tulle, because they are the best. The Natives know them and will not accept any others." By 1746 Tulle was unable to meet the demand for the fusil de chasse in the Canadian market, and similar muskets were being produced at St. Etienne. Many trade guns of this design would have been in service for decades by the time of the American Revolution.

Traditionally stocked in walnut, or fruit wood this fusil is stocked in black walnut. The book Colonial Frontier Guns by T.M. Hamilton illustrates a antique French Tulle musket restocked in curly maple. The assembled TVLLE marked flintlock, octagon-to-round barrel, and iron furniture are finished bright with a few scattered speckles of patina starting to develop. This French smoothbore was assembled by contemporary builder Ken Brady. Weighing in at 8.2 pounds the fusil has a trigger reach of 13-3/4" making it well suited for today's taller than average size shooter.

The 20 gauge octagon-to-round barrel is 42" in length. The .615" bore is bright and clean, well maintained. A steel front sight is soldered on the barrel 3" from the muzzle in French fashion. No rear sight is fitted to the barrel. This smoothbore 20 gauge gun will qualify for the new N.M.L.R.A. Trade Gun Match, where you fire patched round balls at paper targets, and shot at clay birds, using the same flint smoothbore gun.

The sweeping architecture of the French fusil buttstock is quite comfortable to shoot. The wide flat buttplate is an advantage, since it reduces the felt recoil when firing full loads. Stocked in black walnut the stock has only a few minor handling marks. No signature or other marks can be found on the barrel or anywhere else on the gun, the strong preference of many re-enactors. The short rounded tang is finished flush with the raised carving.

The iron triggerguard is mounted with three screws, a correct technique on a French fusil de chasse. Out of the picture three iron ramrod pipes retain the wooden ramrod. The wooden ramrod is finished with a hidden steel ramrod tip that is threaded 8-32 for your loading and cleaning attachments. his smoothbore uses the simple flat military style sideplate common to the fusil-de-chasse, and French Marine fusils, made at Tulle, St. Etienne, Charleville, and Mauberg.

This flint lock is patterned from a antique Tulle fusil-de-chasse circa 1727. This lock uses the so-called “forged" plate design, with attached pan, but no pan bridle arm in early fashion. The frizzen pivots on an oversize shouldered screw. In French fashion the wax cast lock plate is shaped with a chamfered edge around the plate that terminates behind the flint cock. The lock plate is also marked with A. TVLLE in antique fashion. The marking has a slight curve, as found on antique muskets. We recommend that you order a dozen of our best 7/8" French amber gun flints, #FLINT-AMBER-7, to fit this medium size flint lock. Cocking the lock requires real effort, since the strong mainspring is tensioned to produce best sparks, and fast lock time. Trigger release is smooth, due to the high leverage, and excellent trigger geometry.

A direct drilled vent hole is positioned well above the bottom of the pan, centered on the heat of the flash. If your flint longrifle suffers from that infamous slow whoosh-bang ignition delay, study the work of today's best gun makers, and position your vent well centered on the pan, high above the bottom, to serve as a window on the center of the flash.

This French fusil is excellent condition with a few minor handling marks on the stock, a few marks on the frizzen face, and some scattered speckling on the bright finish. The bore, is clean and bright. This handy French fusil, would make a fine addition to anyone's collection or 18th century impression. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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