A-Frame tent, 9 x 9 x 7' high, 10 oz. water repellent
A-frame Tents were used during the Revolutionary War, in fur trade rendezvous camps, during our Civil War, and later. The term “A-frame” is a misnomer since these tents use only three poles. Perhaps we should call them “A-shaped” tents?

R.K. Lodges makes our A-frame tents with 12” overlapping doors on both ends. Ties secure the door flaps, and 12” sod cloth on all four inside edges make this tent more weather tight than most other tents that are easy to pitch. Traders can show their wares, when both doors are staked wide open, yet provide privacy when doors are staked closed. Erected and staked down in less than 20 minutes, this tent is an ideal choice for one night or weekend campers, who must arrive late and leave early. You can “pull up stakes” and quickly be on your way, when you camp in our A-frame or Bell-back tents. Offered in three different canvas options; water repellent, marine finished, and flame resistant canvas. Instructions for set up are included.

Water Repellent Cotton Duck is 100% cotton, with 10 oz. or 12 oz. of yarn per square yard. Dip treated at the factory, without changing the off-white color. Very water repellent. It resists mildew longer than natural cotton, but eventually discolors.

Poles required for Track’s 9’ wide x 9’ deep x 7’ high A-frame tent:
  • Two (2) poles 7’ tall, made from 2 x 2" clear straight lumber
  • One (1) 9’ ridge pole, made from 2 x 2 “ clear straight lumber

  • Stakes:
    We can supply the tent pegs you require for you bell-back tent. We recommend hand forged iron stakes for use on the bell-back tent. Use 16 stakes, we recommend hand forged iron stakes for A-frame tents.

    Rope for A-Frame tents:
    We offer authentic natural fiber and cotton rope, not synthetic materials. Specify which tent or lean-to you wish to equip, and we can provide exactly the right lengths. Or order natural fiber rope by the foot, specify length. Order a hank of Cotton rope, a length of 50 feet each.

    Awnings for A-Frame tents:
    Awnings extend about 8 feet, and are as wide as the roof slope. Brass grommets in four corners, with loops for ties or stakes on two sides. An extended or additional ridge pole and other poles will be needed. Use shorter poles at the corners. When up, the awning can form a fly on either or both sides of the door. Or stake it down during rain to provide a dry entrance. These awnings fit both A-frame and Bell-back tents.

    Ground Tarps for A-Frame tents:
    Order a ground tarp floor. Ours have loops for ropes on all sides.

    Privacy Curtains for A-Frame tents:
    Optional, this privacy wall flap ties inside either the A-frame or Bell-back tent, dividing the tent into two separate rooms.

    Stove pipe insert:
    We will install a stove pipe insert, with cover flap and ties, in a good location. Also sold separately for use in older tents. The Fiberglas® insert is rated to 1000° F, secured with harness rivets.
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    Total: $285.00          


    Ground Tarp:
    Stove Pipe Insert:

    Total: $285.00          

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