Baker lean-to, 8 x 8' tent, 10 oz. water repellent canvas
Once called a Baker's tent or Baker lean-to, this half-tent replicates an original lean-to shown in a French fur trapper's chalk print, drawn on the plains in 1836. A neat little shelter for a weekend rendezvous. The full front awning can be lowered to close the front tightly.

Track's 8 x 8' primitive Baker's lean-to has a 2' back wall, is 6' high at the ridge pole. The floor area is 8' wide, 8' deep, You supply 2 poles, 8' long, 2 poles 4' long, 4 poles 11' long. The full front awning can be lowered to close the front tightly. Use 20 wood or iron tent stakes. The Baker's lean-to is offered in three different canvas options; water repellent, marine finished, and flame resistant canvas.

Water Repellent Cotton Duck is 100% cotton, with 10 oz. or 12 oz. of yarn per square yard. Dip treated at the factory, without changing the off-white color. Very water repellent. It resists mildew longer than natural cotton, but eventually discolors.

Poles required:
  • Two (2) poles, 8' long
  • Two (2) poles 4' long
  • Four (4) poles 11' long

  • Stakes:
    We can supply the tent stakes you require for your Baker's lean-to shelter. We recommend hand forged iron stakes for use on this tent. Order 20 wood or iron tent stakes for your shelter.

    Rope for tents:
    We offer authentic natural fiber and cotton rope, not synthetic materials. Specify which tent or lean-to you wish to equip, and we can provide exactly the right lengths. Or order natural fiber rope by the foot, specify length. Order a hank of Cotton rope, a length of 50 feet each.

    Sod Cloth - Inside Edging:
    Our optional 12" sod cloth, sewn-to the inside three edges, can make your lean-to a bit more weather-tight during a shower or cold snap. Sewn-in when ordered with your lean-to, or sold separately for you to install in your existing lean-to. Order the appropriate size for your 8' or 10' Baker's lean-to.

    Privacy curtain:
    You can have complete privacy with our optional “privacy drop". This second front flap completely covers the 6' high x 8' wide or 7' high x 10' wide opening. Roll it and tie it under the ridge pole, when not in use. Sewn-in when ordered with your lean-to, or sold separately with ties for use on an existing 8' or 10' lean-to.

    Stove pipe insert:
    Sewn-in when ordered with a lean-to, our stove pipe insert has a cover flap and ties. Or you can order it separately and install it yourself. Allow us to pick the safest location for the hole. The Fiberglas® insert is rated to 1000° F, secured with harness rivets.

    Sometimes called a Baker lean-to, Baker lean to, or Baker leanto, order yours today.
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    Total: $265.00          



    Sod Cloth - 12" Inside Edging:
    Privacy Curtain:
    Stove Pipe Insert:

    Total: $265.00          

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