Wedge key, blued steel, for Thompson Center rifles.
Also replaces Investarm Hawken, Cabela's Hawken, Sharon Hawken wedge keys.
Part Number: KEY-TC-I
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $8.99
This solid wedge key measures .370" wide x .120" thick. The blued steel key is used in Thompson Center's Renegade, Pennsylvania Hunter, White Mountain Carbine, and Big Boar rifle.

This key also fits the Sharon Hawken Rifle:

We have used pairs of this key to retrofit the Sharon Hawken Rifle and kit. This key is a tiny bit too long for the Sharon Hawken Rifle, but easily trimmed flush. The head does not match the Sharon brand key, so order a pair and install two (2) matching wedge keys,

The Sharon Hawken Rifle has a long oval steel wedge key inlay, with a slot that measures .403" wide, .127" deep, which would seem to be a bit too large for this key, but it worked very well in the rifle we tested. Order two and replace a matched pair of wedge keys in your Sharon Hawken rifle.

This wedge key was a smooth snug fit in the Investarm - Cabela's Hawken rifle we tested. The Investarm wedge key is .118" thick, .365" wide, 1.354" overall length, with 1.290" extending under the head. This wedge key fit that rifle better than the factory wedge key. If your factory original wedge key is a bit too loose, consider this replacement. If your factory wedge key is a bit too tight, consider our #KEY-USA-I.
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