Stock second, Kit Carson Hawken, left pre-inlet,
1" octagon barrel, Jim Bridger lock, ramrod hole run-out, fancy maple
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This stock secon has ramrod run-out that has broken into the barrel channel just ahead of the breech. The ramrod could be tapered at the end to prevent interferance with the mainspring on the lock. Normally priced at $250.00 this stock is offered at a discount. The left hand Kit Carson’s Hawken rifle features a one inch barrel channel, to build a moderate weight rifle. Not recommended as a first project, assembly of a Hawken rifle requires skilled use of a drill press, file fitting of the lock to plug, and the installation of an under rib. About 14-1/4” trigger reach, about 4” drop to line of sights. Forend is 16” long, butt end is 4-1/2 x 1-7/16”. Pre-cut for our late Hawken buttplate. Precision machine inlet for a 1” octagon barrel, our left hand Jim Bridger Hawken lock, breech plug, tang, double set trigger, entry pipe, sideplate inlay, slotted oval wedge key inlays, and toeplate. The hole for 7/16” rod is drilled full depth.

The stock is pre-inlet to accept the 1" hooked breech and tang, #PLUG-LH-16-3. The left hand Kit Carson stock has a fully shaped forend, with hole for a 7/16” ramrod, drilled full depth. Ramrod entry pipe is pre-inlet. Trigger mortise is pre-inlet to accept the Ron Long designed double lever double set triggers. The toe is pre-inlet to accept the beavertail toeplate. Shaped with a beaver tail cheek piece. The lock panels are pre-inlet for the late Hawken sideplate and the lock bolt hole is indicated. The oval escutcheons for the keys are pre-inlet into the stock. Inlet for our left hand Jim Bridger’s Hawken percussion lock, #LOCK-JB-L. This rifle can be build in percussion ignition only.

Specifications for pre-inlet stocks:
  • Drop and trigger reach: drop is 4" from the line of sights to heel, at 14-1/4" of pull
  • Barrel channel size: 1" straight octagon
  • Breech plug: #PLUG-LH-16-3 1" left hand percussion hooked breech plug & tang
  • Butt end: 1-7/16" wide by 4-1/2" high, cut for buttplate
  • Buttplate: #BP-HAWK-L-B wax cast brass #BP-HAWK-L-I wax cast steel
  • Lock, flint: none available
  • Lock, percussion: #LOCK-JB-L Jim Bridger Hawken Rifle, left hand percussion lock
  • Oval escutcheons: #IN-SLOT-2-B brass #IN-SLOT-2-I steel
  • Ramrod hole & groove: 7/16" diameter, drilled full depth
  • Ramrod entry pipe: #RP-HAWK-T-E-7-B wax cast brass #RP-HAWK-T-E-7-I wax cast steel
  • Sideplate: #SP-HLB-B brass or #SP-HLB-I steel
  • Toeplate: #TP-TC-H-B brass or #TP-TC-H-I steel
  • Triggers: #TR-PA-20 Hawken double lever double set triggers

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