Cleaning Rod for .44 Army Revolver, 3/8" hickory, 12" long, brass tip, 10-32 thread, turned hardwood knob handle
Part Number: RAMROD-44-COLT-12-H
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Price: $1.99
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Cleaning Rod for .44 Colt Army, Walker, Dragoon, Remington, .45 Ruger Old Army,

We have only a few at this low price - while they last.

Sanded, not stained, this 3/8" hickory rod is 12" long, with a brass tip threaded 10-32 for your cleaning accessories. Carry it to the range, camp, or display it in a cased set.

We recommend:

Cleaning Jag #JS-45-6-10
Cleaning Patches #OX-CLEAN-58-C
Cleaning Solvent #BORE-CLEAN
Bore Mop #BORE-MOP-45-10
Bore Brush #BRUSH-45-10
Rust Inhibitor Grease #RIG-3
Nipple Wrench #NW-130
Lube for Nipple Threads #BC-CTL

Stain and finish this wooden cleaning rod with your favorite stain and finish such as:

Honey Maple Stain #LMF-STAIN-HM
Permalyn Sealer #LMF-SEALER
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