Winchester-Helm Schuetzen Buttplate, wax cast steel
Part Number: BP-SCH-70-I
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Called the "Winchester - Helm" Schuetzen buttplate, we also call it the "one ball end" or "deep hook" Schuetzen. It has the deepest hook of any we offer. While this shape may look awkward, it offers the offhand palm rest shooter a bit more stability and control.

Lighter than many other Schuetzen buttplates, it may not be a good choice for bench rest rifles. Wide sweeping curved inside surfaces are only moderately difficult to inlet neatly. Deburring is easy, since the sprue enters a hidden surface.

Available in wax cast steel only. Buttplate dimensions are 4-3/4" tall, inside curve 4", and 1-1/4"wide.
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