Hawken Pistol breech & tang, 15/16" octagon, 5/8-18 thread
Part Number: PLUG-HP-15-5
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available
Price: $40.99
Our "straight" hooked breech and tang for a 15/16" octagon barrel. Made for our percussion Hawken pistol, an integral rear sight is cast into the tang, where it provides maximum sight radius for your pistol.

Grind off the rear sight to use this plug on a rifle barrel. Malleable steel, this tang may be straightened or bent cold, to match the profile of your stock. File fit the tang to the plug, before cutting your lock plate to accept the snail bolster. To simplify fitting, make a thin cardboard template of the notch, fit it to the bolster, then transfer the arc to the lock plate, with a sharp scribe.

When using this plug with our Hawken pistol lock, our customers report that it is always necessary to bend the hammer inboard, to align with the nipple, and often necessary to lengthen the hammer by cutting and welding it to reach the nipple's location.

Order our short #PST-A nipple with 1/4-28 threads. When fitting additional barrels to the same gun, order extra plugs.

We offer full scale plans, showing inside views of every detail of the project. We stock all the Hawken pistol parts for your project, which may not be shown in this catalog. Request our quote on parts available.

Use our 5/8-18 threaded plug for .54 and smaller caliber barrels and 11/16-16 for a .58 caliber pistol barrel.
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