Barrel, .75 caliber smoothbore, 1710 Dutch Musket,
46" octagon-to-round, by Colerain
Part Number: COLE-75-DUTCH
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Price: $290.00
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The British purchased 10,000 Dutch muskets in 1710. We offer castings for the lock and furniture, and the pre-inlet stock, in our advanced projects catalog of The Rifle Shoppe parts.

Overall length is 46", with .750" smoothbore. The 1.250" octagon breech tapers to .995" wedding band, in 14-1/2", the muzzle is .857". Flared tang plug is installed. This barrel weighs 4.95 pounds.

A correct flared tang plug is included and neatly fitted.

Colerain rifle barrels are the favorite choice of today's best muzzle loading gun makers, because knowledgeable shooters demand Colerain's accuracy, inside and outside.

Founded by two entrepreneurs, Scott Keller and Scott Kelly were tutored by Bob Paris, the famous rifle barrel maker who was first to perfect the technique for production of correct swamped barrels.

This 1710 Dutch Musket barrel is said to be pre-inlet into 1710 Dutch Musket stocks offered by The Rifle Shoppe. Track does offer a pre-inlet stock for this big barrel.

We sell every Colerain barrel made! Every caliber, length, and style will be found in our huge inventory. Click ADD TO CART to order.
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