Build Track's
English Sporting rifle kit,
John Rigby styled stock
1" straight octagon barrel
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Build Track's
English Sporting rifle kit,
John Rigby styled stock
1" straight octagon barrel

Building an English sporting rifle is a project of moderate complexity, more work than a flint longrifle, but less difficult than a halfstock Hawken rifle.

Patterned after the English rifles used in the Long Range Matches at Creedmore, against the Americans in the late 1800's. Incorperating features almost modern in design. This rifle stock has a classic pistol grip, with a wide buttstock. A really fine English sporting rifle can be assembled, using our 1" straight octagon Green Mountain barrel when trimmed to a 35" or shorter length.

The snail bolster of the breech is hooked to the tang. Push the one barrel wedge key open, withdraw the ramrod, and the barrel will lift and unhook from the tang, instantly, without tools, for easy cleaning after a day of shooting.

The long tang hooked breech plug is fitted with one tang bolt that engages the trigger plate, another correct English feature. The trigger is thin and elegant, somewhat similar to ones found on fine modern shotguns.

Trimmed in traditional iron furniture, this stock can be fitted to an individual shooter. Carefully lay out your length of pull, and you can build a gun that is perfectly fitted for yourself. Such guns are a prize to own forever.

Green Mountain Muzzle Loading Rifle Barrels are machined from high quality American made bar stock, A.I.S.I. 1137 modified, stress relieved, annealed, certified rifle barrel quality steel. All barrels are drilled from solid stock, reamed to a high degree of smoothness, then optically checked for straightness. Very close tolerances are maintained. Diameters vary less than .0002" within any bore.

Cut Rifling Specifications:
  • Each barrel has eight lands and grooves.
  • Grooves cut .010 to .012" deep, depending on caliber.
  • Twist is 1 turn in 48 inches for .40 caliber.
  • Twist is 1 turn in 60 inches for .45 caliber .
  • Twist is 1 turn in 70 inches for .50, .54, .58 caliber.

Green Mountain Muzzle Loading Rifle Barrels are set between centers, and milled octagonal, insuring a perfectly centered bore that will be concentric with the exterior. Premium quality barrels in every sense! A small trade mark and caliber mark is stamped near the breech. Threaded at the breech for your plug, and factory crowned at the muzzle.

Colerain rifle barrels are the favorite choice of today's best muzzle loading gun makers, because knowledgeable shooters demand Colerain's accuracy, inside and outside.

Colerain rifle barrels are drilled from solid steel, cut rifled .012" to .016" deep depending on caliber, with six "round bottom" grooves. Called "radius groove rifling", Colerain eliminates the sharp inside corner that accumulates fouling. Radius groove rifling cutters are a bit more expensive to make, but Colerain's customers agree that the accuracy, easy loading, and easy cleaning are worth the cost.

Colerain barrels are cut rifled with fancy radius groove rifling, in these correct twist rates for round balls:
  • 1 turn in 56 inch twist, in .50 or .54 calibers
  • 1 turn in 66 inch twist in .58 caliber

The 36" barrel bland will need to be shortened by 1" to allow the underrib to properly abutt the forend cap. We can shorten, rebreech, or recrown, at extra cost. See our gunsmithing services choices.

This English style halfstock is only offered in black walnut. The barrel channel will accept any 1" octagon barrel. Pre-inlet for our 1" English hooked breech and tang, #PLUG-ENG-16-3. The lock is pre-inlet to accept the L&R English lock, #LOCK-LR-500-S. This stock is pre-inlet to accept the single trigger and triggerplate, #TR-GIBBS-T trigger and #TR-GIBBS-P. Pull length may be up to 14-1/4", with 2" drop, and a 12" forend length. Butt end is about 5-1/4" x 2" width. Shaped without a cheek piece, in the style of the Rigby Target rifles. The stock is shaped nearly symetrical except for the lock inlet.

We offer a complete set of wax casting furniture in iron, to fit this rifle. As cast, the castings need to have the casting gates removed by filing or grinding, and must be polished, then drilled for mounting screws, as needed.

This "square breech" English Sporting Rifle plug and tang is made to fit straight octagon barrels that measure 1" octagon at the breech. Sometimes called a "bar lock" plug, we recommend that you order one of our English style "bar" locks, and a suitable "drip bar" to be soldered to the barrel ahead of the plug. The drip bar is an English innovation to eliminate the wood ahead of the breech bolster, to strengthen this area and simplify assembly.

The tang is wax cast of malleable steel which may be bent cold. Each plug is x-ray inspected, direct drilled for ignition, with no right angle turns in the flash channel. The thread journal is about .500" length, with no thread relief, giving full strength when seated against the inside shoulder of the barrel breech cavity.

#FS-CA-1-I: The original California sight. Made for target shooting, it gives a square post sight picture. The base has a .370" dovetail, about .695" wide. The .082" thick blade is .400" tall. Shorten the blade to sight-in, as needed.

#RS-JAEG-2: Wax cast steel, the leaf may be pinned from both sides, eliminating the need to drill a long hole. Remove the finial for use on a English sporting rifle. Base is .350" long, .750" wide, and .062" deep.

The L&R English “bar" lock is so-called because it uses a “drip bar" soldered to the barrel, instead of wood above the lock plate. This improvement eliminates wood in this critical area ahead of the nipple, where constant over-spray might char it.

Most better London & Birmingham makers used “bar" locks, as did such famous American makers as H. E. Dimick of St. Louis. The bar lock was used on half stock rifles. When used in pairs on double guns, barrels overhang the plates, to eliminate the filler bars.

Other features include a fly, and mainspring link with integral pins, which pivots to lift out of the tumbler, a fine English feature.
The hammer has a long 1.745" throw ideal for barrels 1" at the breech.

This shorter variation of our English trigger and plate has a high pivot point for best trigger pull, and a pointed finial that is easy to inlet. Modeled after an original antique Gibbs - Medford sporting rifle trigger plate. This trigger is a correct match to our English "Bar" locks and square bolster breech plugs. Wax cast, easy to file, fit, polish, and assemble.

The large boss may be drilled to accept your tang screw from above, and the threaded lug from your triggerguard below. This trigger plate is a correct match to our English "Bar" locks and square bolster breech plugs. Using our English style parts, you can build a percussion half-stock sporting rifle, target rifle, or smoothbore fowling gun!

Our gunsmith can install the plug (LABOR-BP), front and rear sights (2 LABOR-DS), mount the under rib using four screws (4 LABOR-DT), and solder the two ramrod pipes to milled notches in the rib (2 LABOR-RP), at small extra cost, with prompt delivery.

#LABOR-RB: We always recommend saving the muzzle by shortening at the breech. Price includes shortening the breech and re-threading for the plug. Installing the plug, #LABOR-BP, is additional, and should be done at the same time! If you do not shorten the barrel by 1" on this set of parts the rear of the under rib will have a gab between the end of the forearm.

#LABOR-BP: Our gunsmith will install your breech plug, in your barrel, with the front face of the breech plug tightly sealed against the inside shoulder of the breech thread, and the barrel maker's name indexed to the bottom flat. Threads are lubricated with Birchwood Casey's Choke Tube Lube anti-seize, so the plug may be removed, even after decades of use. Never remove a breech plug, unless you have a compelling reason. The plug is never removed for cleaning, and should only be removed by a skilled gunsmith, who has the correct tools to avoid marking your polished and finished barrel and plug.

#LABOR-DS: When you buy the sight from us, we will remove any burrs, gates, or parting lines, and hand fit the sight to the dovetail slot, ready for you to finish and use. Many of our rear sights are cast with an oversize base, to allow these to fill oversize slots. It is wise to allow us to trim these to a standard size, before installation in a new barrel. We must install the breech plug before installing sights, rib, or pipes.

Front sight slots are centered 1.5" from muzzle, unless your clearly specify another location. Do not embed special instructions within lengthy text of a letter. Place special instructions immediately after your written order for that item, or in the comment field of our on-line order form.

Rear sight slots are centered 8.5" from the breech end of the barrel (not including plug), unless your clearly specify another location. Do not embed special instructions within lengthy text of a letter. Place special instructions immediately after your written order for that item, or in the comment field of our on-line order form.

#LABOR-DT: We drill and tap blind holes, usually 5-40, drill, counter-bore and mount the rib. Rifles usually require four (4) screws. We require fitting the breech plug before performing this operation.

#LABOR-RP: We mill a flat on each rod pipe, and a matching flat notch in the rib. After "tinning" both flats with solder, we clamp the pipe, heat the joint, and cause the two solder coated surfaces to be joined, known as sweat soldering. We require fitting the breech plug and mounting the rib before performing this operation.

This large blueprint details construction of the English Sporting halfstock rifle. This plan shows you the inside details to help you understand how to build your own English Sporting rifle.

If you have never built a rifle, we recommend the book Recreating the American Longrifle. While not specific to English Sporting rifles, this book explains many gun making techniques in detail. The late William Buchele was recognized as a true master longrifle maker. But his greatest contribution to muzzle loading must be this book. He shares the step by step details of his craft. His work has been enhanced by the editors. This book does not assume that the reader is an expert stock maker, but begins with illustrated explanations of the basic concepts. Buchele shows several alternate approaches to most tasks. Newly revised fifth edition. Full scale plans include a carved longrifle and fullstock pistol. Over 250 photos and drawings within the 176 pages, 8-1/2 x 11" format, soft cover.

Discussed in Recreating the American Longrifle, Track's underlug staples are authentic, stronger, easier to install, and they remove less metal than dovetail lugs. Not suitable for thin walled barrels, staples work well for keys, pins, or for supporting a sling swivel.

TOOL-105-P: Align our double punch with a centerline drawn on the bottom flat of your octagon barrel. Strike it to prick punch the exact spacing for our staples. Very handy for quick and accurate staple location.

Lay your key or pin in the open staple. Measure the staple leg extending above your key or pin. Drill your holes exactly that depth. Select a drill bit to match the staple foot diameter (about 7/64"). We recommend using a drill press. Set a quill stop to avoid drilling too deep. Hole depth determines key slot thickness.

TOOL-105-S: Insert one end of our staple into your hole, and seat it with a light hammer blow. Place the semi-circular slotted end of this tool around the staple's seated end. Strike it with firm blows, to stake the staple permanently in place. Seat the opposite end, and stake it. Malleable staples allow bending. Stake one end securely, before attempting to seat the other end. Straighten after staking.

Typically 30-40 hours of skilled labor is required to build a English Sporting rifle from a precarved stock. Use of a drill press in recommended. A skilled mentor, as always, can be a invaluable aid in building any rifle.
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