Build Track's Classic Golden Age longrifle,
flint lock, 13/16", 7/8", or 15/16" straight octagon barrel
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Order our Classic Golden Age longrifle parts set, and use your imagination. Plain or decorated, carved or inlaid, with double set trigger, many options are available. Each part is offered separately, so you can create your own custom rifle. Select the parts you need for your project. We recommend traditional brass furniture, but a few were made with iron furniture. We recommend plain or fancy maple.

Colerain Barrel Company offers a select few calibers in 13/16", 7/8", 15/16" straight octagon barrels. Offered in .36, .40, .45, .50, or .54 caliber depending on octagon size. Colerain straight octagon barrels are threaded to accept the breech plug. Colerain rifle barrels are the favorite choice of today's best muzzle loading gun makers, because knowledgeable shooters demand Colerain's accuracy, inside and outside. Founded by two entrepreneurs, Scott Keller and Scott Kelly were tutored by Bob Paris, the famous rifle barrel maker who was first to perfect the technique for production of correct swamped barrels.

Colerain rifle barrels are cut rifled, with fancy radius groove rifling geometry, in correct twist rates for round balls:
  • Cut rifled, with .012" to .016" deep grooves, depending on caliber.
  • 1 turn in 48" twist, in .36, or .40 caliber.
  • 1 turn in 56" twist, in .45, .50 or .54 caliber.
Colerain rifle barrels are drilled from solid steel. Each barrel has six "round bottom" grooves, called "radius groove rifling". Colerain eliminates the sharp inside corner that accumulates fouling. Radius groove rifling cutters are a bit more expensive to make, but Colerain's customers agree that the accuracy, easy loading, and easy cleaning are worth the cost.

Green Mountain barrels are offered in 13/16", 7/8", or 15/16" octagon, 36" or 42" in length, and come threaded for breech plug. Available in .40, .45, .50, or .54 calibers. Green Mountain muzzle loading rifle barrels are machined from high quality American made bar stock, A.I.S.I. 1137 modified, stress relieved, annealed, certified rifle barrel quality steel. All barrels are drilled from solid stock, reamed to a high degree of smoothness, then optically checked for straightness. Very close tolerances are maintained. Diameters vary less than .0002" within any bore.

Cut Rifling Specifications:
  • Each barrel has eight lands and grooves.
  • Grooves cut .010 to .012" deep, depending on caliber.
  • Twist is 1 turn in 56 inches for .40 caliber.
  • Twist is 1 turn in 60 inches for .45 caliber.
  • Twist is 1 turn in 70 inches for .50 and .54 caliber.
Stocks, while our precision machine inlet stock was made especially for the early Southern Mountain style iron trimmed long rifle, it is similar to the classic shape and style of the Pennsylvania longrifle stocks from York County, Lancaster County, and other gunmaking centers where this stock shape was used. With our selection of appropriate brass or nickel silver trim you can build a fine "Golden Age Era" longrifle using this stock. Cut for a right large Siler or L&R Classic flint lock, and our #TR-DST-4 or #TR-DST-6 double set trigger. Our stock is pre-inlet for a 13/16", 7/8", or 15/16" straight octagon barrel, and shaped for a right hand shooter. A square vise block remains for easy mounting while you work on the rifle. The forend is shaped ahead of the vise block, and the stock is shaped from the lock panels rear. Not cut for buttplate, butt end is about 1-5/8" by 5-5/8". Drop to the heel is about 3-1/2" from sights. Pull may be adjusted up to 15". Drilled full depth for a 3/8" ramrod.

We offer a complete set of furniture in brass or iron, to fit this rifle. As cast, the castings need to have the casting gates removed by filing or grinding, and must be polished, then drilled and countersunk for mounting screws, as needed.

Furniture includes:
  • Buttplate, wax cast
  • Triggerguard, wax cast
  • Sideplate, wax cast
  • Toeplate
  • Muzzle cap, sheet
  • Ramrod pipes, two forward and one entry
Front & Rear Sights:
#FS-TC-HB: Polished silver blade with brass base. Rounded silver blade is 3/8" tall. The brass dovetail base is .370" long, .750 wide, and .092" deep. Remember, don't file off the ends to match the barrel.
#FS-TC-BB-81: Polished silver blade with brass base. Rounded nickel silver blade is 3/8" tall and a sturdy .080" thick. Brass dovetail base, .370" long, .780" wide, and .090" deep base. Made in the USA.
#RS-SCH-14 or 16: Wax cast steel, not polished, this rear sight has a long base often found on golden age rifles. This sight is offered in a version made for a longrifle with a slim 13/16" or 7/8" octagon barrel, or larger version for 15/16" or 1". Made in the U.S.A. Dovetail up to maximum .062" deep, base is .750" long, by .526" wide for 13/16 or 7/8".

Siler flint lock, our #LOCK-SL-FL-RH, is a correct flint lock, made for scratch builders. The Siler flint lock is our most popular, by far. This lock is modeled after a fine hand made original lock, by the famous American gunmaker, Jacob Dickert. Only a few American gunmakers made their own locks. Dickert may have made and sold locks to others. We have examined a few rifles by Dickert, and none of his locks are exactly alike, nor were any exactly the same as our Siler lock. This lock captures the styling used on many American longrifles. Most locks were imported from England or Europe, for use by American gunmakers.We recommend our best 3/4" English gun flint, in our large Siler lock. Assembled from the fine quality wax cast alloy steel parts, designed by C. E. Siler, Track's right hand Siler lock is assembled and tuned by Jim Chambers. Working parts are fitted as necessary for best action and minimum friction. Evidence of the lock maker's skill is obvious in the tight fit of the pan, internal parts, smooth action, and strong mainspring. A fly detent allows the use of set triggers, if desired. A pan bridle arm supports the frizzen, a feature not always found on early American flint locks. Many of our best stocks are pre-inlet for our large Siler flint and percussion locks.

Chambers' Deluxe Siler flint lock, our #LOCK-CD-FL-RH, is said to be the fastest and most reliable "Siler" flint lock ever made. This new right hand flint lock is the latest offering from that ingenious lock maker, Mr. Jim Chambers. He has included every trick in this lock. Built on a true Siler lock plate, pan and frizzen, it will fit any mortise pre-inlet for the large Siler lock. Nearly every other part has been modified or fine tuned for speed. Notice the slightly taller cock, top jaw and jaw screw, which sweep the frizzen from a higher point with more velocity, for better sparking. The frizzen is hardened through, for long life. It rides over a cam-action frizzen spring, that is as pretty as it is clever. The thin upper leaf and redesigned cam point allow the frizzen to snap open smartly. No roller is used on this frizzen! A roller is not correct for this period, and recent high speed photo tests indicate that the so-called "frictionless" roller can increase the mainspring's work load, slow the lock time, and reduce sparking. This fast acting frizzen spring uses an elegant hidden mounting screw, and has fewer parts to fail in the field. The lock plate is polished bright inside. Fitted with Chambers' best large Siler internal parts, each part has been tuned for best action. The mainspring has "pre-load" for snappy action. The new tumbler has tiny offset bearings, to reduce friction. The mainspring rides on the tumbler's redesigned cam-action ramp, giving a smooth release at full cock, with increasing leverage for maximum acceleration. Fine tuned to provide snappy action and good sparking, the sear is adjusted to give light release, despite the heavy mainspring load. Grey matte finished outside, the plate, cock, top jaw, pan and back surfaces of the frizzen are ready for cold browning or polishing. If you are building a right hand flint longrifle, and searching for the best large Siler flint lock, regardless of price, we offer this candidate.

L&R Classic flint lock, #LOCK-LR-2100, or early classic lock without pan bridle, #LOCK-LR-2150. L&R's new "Germanic" lock is for use on classic American longrifles of the 1760-1800 era. The cam action angle of the tumbler engages the mainspring. This really speeds lock time. Turned bearing surfaces on the tumbler and sear minimize friction, essential during cold weather hunting. Improved cock geometry allows a shorter stroke, with better sparks thrown squarely into the pan. L&R's new "one position" sear returns to the same angle whether uncocked, half-cocked or full-cocked. Trigger engagement can be perfect. A thick bolster spaces this lock farther from the barrel, for widely spaced lock panels that instantly identify an early rifle. Thin the bolster for a more graceful look. L&R's clever fly detent and frizzen seal lip are included in this lock. These improvements have become a signature of L&R's fine workmanship, of late. This frizzen spring uses a inside screw. It avoids the tight bend at front, a weak point on some locks. With Siler styling, wide bolster, tight fit to mortise, turned bearings, sealed frizzen with roller, one position sear, cam-action mainspring, and improved cock geometry, this is a nice lock. We stock spare parts for the Classic flintlock should you ever need then. L&R Classic lock parts are machined and tempered, ready to use, with little or no fitting. With the exception of the frizzen which must be fitted before hardening.

Flash Hole Liner, touch hole liner, or vent liner, is an essential part of our kit. Our standard vent has the popular 1/4-28 thread. We also offer the Jim Chambers White Lightnin' vent as a option. The special 5/16-32 fine thread allows an extra large concave cavity inside, for use on swamped octagon barrels. Made in the USA, stainless steel, with removable lug for easy installation. Order our #TAP-5/16-32 tap and drill, if you prefer this special vent. Concave inside, the White Lightnin' vent liner brings the main powder charge very close to the incandescent heat of the priming flash. Position the vent on the center of the pan, slightly above the pan to frizzen joint, sometimes called the "sunset" position. Covered by the frizzen when closed, the hole is a window centered on the heat of your priming flash, for instant ignition, without the whoosh-bang delay, seen in many flint guns. Typically only the better quality London made guns were factory fitted with vent liners, but nearly all flint guns were later fitted with vent liners, after the vent hole in the barrel became worn from flash erosion, corrosion, or the aggressive use of a vent pick.

Double Set Trigger, #TR-DST-4: This "double lever" set trigger has a front trigger lever to engage the sear, so the lock to be fired with the trigger unset. The trigger bar is about .400" wide. Wax cast steel parts are finished, tempered and assembled. We stock spare parts, in the unlikely event that any part will ever break. Same day shipment of trigger or spare parts! Overall length 5-3/8", bar .400" wide.

Double set trigger, #TR-DST-6, is our "double lever" double set trigger, with a front trigger lever, to engage the sear, allowing the lock to be fired with the trigger unset. Wax cast steel parts are finished, tempered and assembled. We stock spare parts, in the unlikely event that any part will ever break. The trigger bars is about 5-1/2" length, .400" width.

Patchbox, although not required, was often fitted to a "Golden Age" era longrifle. We offer a number of correct choices. These may be installed with the included cam-over-center spring, or using our push button release kit, at extra cost.

#PB-KIT-B or I: Curved to fit your buttstock, neatly hinged with steel cam finger inside the lid, cam spring and mounting screw. We show the rough underside to reveal the features. Polished outside, the curved hing fits well. Made of .052" thick sheet brass. The flat spring is tempered, ready to use, it may be finger soldered under the lid. Use this blank kit to copy an original. 7-3/4" overall length.

#PB-KIT-5-B or I: Copied from and unknown maker, but similar to many patchboxes in Arms Makers of Western Pennsylvania, by James Whisker. 8-1/4" overall length.

#PB-KIT-6-B or I: Shown in Gunsmiths of York County, Pennsylvania, by James Whisker, attributed to I. Berlin. Spring and instructions included. 7-1/2" overall length.

#PB-RK-TOW-B or I: This high quality patchbox release kit is made for use with brass, iron, or nickel silver patchboxes. The kit includes four precision steel parts, two unplated steel screws, and fully illustrated instructions. Made with your choice of a brass or steel release button.

Sliding Wooden Patchbox latch, #PB-RK-WOOD, is not shown. Our wax cast steel 3-1/2" lever spring is modeled after originals used on early Colonial era longrifles, with sliding wooden patchboxes. Easily fitted under your sliding patchbox lid, lift the thumb button to release the latch.

Gunsmithing Labor Options are a popular low cost method of speeding assembly. Our gunsmith can install the plug (#LABOR-BP), front and rear sights (2 #LABOR-DS), and underlugs (3 #LABOR-UL) at small extra cost, with prompt delivery.

#LABOR-BP: Our gunsmith will install your breech plug, in your barrel, with the front face of the breech plug tightly sealed against the inside shoulder of the breech thread, and the barrel maker's name indexed to the bottom flat. Threads are lubricated with Birchwood Casey's Choke Tube Lube anti-seize, so the plug may be removed, even after decades of use. Never remove a breech plug, unless you have a compelling reason. The plug is never removed for cleaning, and should only be removed by a skilled gunsmith, who has the correct tools to avoid marking your polished and finished barrel and plug.

#LABOR-DS: When you buy the sight from us, we will remove any burrs, gates, or parting lines, and hand fit the sight to the dovetail slot, ready for you to finish and use. Many of our rear sights are cast with an oversize base, to allow these to fill oversize slots. It is wise to allow us to trim these to a standard size, before installation in a new barrel. We must install the breech plug before installing sights, rib, or pipes.

Front sight slots are centered 1.5" from muzzle, unless your clearly specify another location. Do not embed special instructions within lengthy text of a letter. Place special instructions immediately after your written order for that item, or in the comment field of our on-line order form.

Rear sight slots are centered 8.5" from the breech end of the barrel (not including plug), unless your clearly specify another location. Do not embed special instructions within lengthy text of a letter. Place special instructions immediately after your written order for that item, or in the comment field of our on-line order form.

#LABOR-UL: When you buy the lugs from us, we will remove any burrs, and hand fit the lug to the dovetail slot, ready for you to finish and use. Allow our gunsmith to determine the best location for lug. Typically these rifles require three lugs. We require the breech plug to be fitted before performing this operation.

#BOOK-RAL: We strongly recommend Recreating the American Longrifle, by William Buchele. The late William Buchele was recognized as a true master longrifle maker. But his greatest contribution to muzzle loading must be this book. He shares the step-by-step details of his craft. His work has been enhanced by the editors. This book does not assume that the reader is an expert stock maker, but begins with illustrated explanations of the basic concepts. Buchele shows several alternate approaches to most tasks. This newly revised edition includes full scale plans for a carved flint longrifle, and fullstock flint pistol. Over 250 photos and drawings, within 176 pages, 8-1/2 x 11" format, soft cover.

#DVD-BML: Building Muzzle-Loaders VHS video with rifle maker James Turpin. Rifle maker James Turpin takes you start to finish on building a quality Muzzle-Loading flint rifle. Designed for the beginning to intermediate builder. DVD format, 142 Minutes.

#DVD-BE: The Gunsmith's Apprentice Series Presents "Beginning Engraving", taught by gunmaker Jack Brooks. With this video you can learn to engrave in the manner and style of the original masters.

In this presentation the nationally known traditional longrifle builder Jack Brooks teaches the viewer the essentials of chasing, pushing & wriggle engraving. Beginning with the basic tools, Jack shows the sharpening and heat treating of both square and chisel point engraving tools, and demonstrates the techniques used by period American gunsmiths to decorate their firearms. In addition, the engraving of several original 18th and 19th century longrifles is examined in detail. Over 70 minutes long. DVD format.

We also recommend our new catalog, which describes this kit in great detail, explains the options, and shows most individual parts in exact full size photographs. Prices may change, over the years, but the technical data, dimensions, instructions, and precise photos will make this 432 page book an essential too on your work bench.

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