Colt 1861 Gamemaster
.50 caliber fast twist, 31-1/2" barrel,
aperture sight, blue, color case hardened lock, walnut,
with accessories, by Colt ~ Signature Series
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Originally developed by Samuel Colt in 1861 to fill a government contract, Colt combined the best features of the British Enfield and American Springfield to yield an suitable weapon. In addition to the full length rifle, Colt also produced a rarer two band version with a short, 31-1/2 inch barrel, known as the Artillery Model. The Colt Gamemaster is a .50 caliber version of their 1861 Artillery Model Musket. The 31-1/2" barrel is rifled with a fast twist and fitted with a blade front sight and aperture rear sight. Stocked in walnut the rifle is trimmed in matte blued furniture with color case hardened lock and barrel bands. With a trigger reach of 13-1/2 inches and an overall weight of 9.1 pounds, the rifle should fit any of today's average sized shooters. This rifle appears to be near new with a few small marks on the toe and one large dent near the right hand side of the buttplate heel.

This used musket includes:
  • An Enfield style nipple protector and chain
  • Nipple wrench
  • Straight line musket capper
  • Brown leather sling (not photographed)
The .50 caliber bore is rifled with eight lands and grooves with a 1 in 28" fast twist for use with a conical bullet. The bore is bright and appears to be in as-new condition. The front sight is fitted to an elevated ramp and has a white blade for easy acquisition. The rear sight is a aperture mounted 3-1/4" ahead of the base. The rear sight is adjustable for windage.

Stocked in a nice piece of black walnut, the rifle appears to be in near condition with the exception of a large dent near the right hand side of the buttplate heel. The barrel, and most of the furniture are finished to a dark matte blue, which does not show any wear typical of firing or cleaning. The buttplate comb is marked U.S.. Forward from the wrist the octagon breech is transitions to round 2" inches forward, the barrel is marked with various stamps. The date 1861 is found on the top flat while the serial number, is found on the right oblique flat. Additionally reproduction inspectors marks, a V over P over an upraised eagles head, mark the left oblique flat. The left side of the barrel also carries the word STEEL stamped at the stock line.

Our bottom view shows the rounded toe of the military rifle, unprotected this delicate area of the stock has picked up a very few small marks. The triggerguard is polished and color case hardened, the bow of the guard is engraved Sam Colt. Fit with a sling swivel on the front bolster of the triggerguard, the forward swivel is located on the front barrel band. The barrel bands are also marked with the letter U on the right side of the rifle with the open end of the letter facing the muzzle. The full length steel ramrod has been finished to match the barrel. Our back view shows the two lock bolts that engage the lock and are held in position by two escutcheon plates. Barely discernible in the picture but easily seen with the gun in hand is the reproduction inspectors cartouche in the stock behind the rearmost lock bolt. The script letters AFJ are contained within a rectangle stamp.

Ignition is provided by this polished and color case hardened percussion lock. An exact reproduction of the original, the lock is dated 1861 to the rear of the hammer and is marked, U.S. over COLT'S PtF A.Mfg. Co. over HARTFORD, Ct.. Above the lock a rear facing eagle is present on the snail barrel bolster. Ready for your musket caps, this 1861 Colt Gamemaster will make an excellent rifle in the woods during the coming fall hunts.

In near new condition with some handling marks this reproduction Model 1861 Gamemaster two band rifle should be an excellent little shooter. In .50 caliber with a 1 in 28 inch twist for shooting bullets and a dark finish for use in the hunting woods, the rifle is sure to be a good choice to take into the field this fall.

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