Antique 1849 Colt Pocket Model Revolver,
.31 caliber, 6" barrel,
six shot cylinder, walnut, aged patina,
period case with accessories, by Colt Firearms Mfg. Co.
Part Number: AAT-753
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Price: $2,999.00
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This antique 1849 Colt Pocket Model revolver is .31 caliber with a 6" barrel and six shot cylinder. The revolver has scattered blue on the barrel and cylinder with it aging to a silver gray patina. The frame does not have any visible color case hardening and appears to have been scrubbed long ago. The silver plated brass triggerguard has areas that are frequently handled worn through to the brass. The grips have the classic reddish brown tone with some scattered handling marks.

The top of the 6" barrel is stamped Address Col. Saml Colt New - York U.S. America on one line. The barrel is fitted with a small bead front sight. To maximize sight radius the hammer has a "V" notch to act as the rear sight. The cylinder is factory engraved with the classic stagecoach scene. The serial number on the frame, triggerguard, backstrap, cylinder, and barrel match. The serial number would indicate manufacture circa 1862. All the nipples in the cylinder appear to be antique, we did not attempt to remove them. The Colts Patent stamp marking on the front left hand side of the frame is light, but visible. The bore has scattered pitting over the full length in the lands. The action works correctly.

The revolver has a period wood case with green lining. The case is 12" by 6" by 2" tall. The case has scattered handling marks and the lid has two large drying cracks. The interior of the case displays some wear with edges worn, as well as wear on the fabric from the front sight and hammer spur. The dividers on the case do show some repair with a glue joint visible at the bottom on some locations. The dividers have been notched along the lower edge to accept a wood cleaning rod, which the case was not designed to accept, the rod appears to be very old. Accessories in the case are a period powder flask. A steel mold to case both a ball and a conical bullet. A tin of Eley Bros. percussion caps, nipple wrench, a bar of lead for casting, and one single round ball.

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