Antique U. S. Model 1817 Common Rifle,
reamed to .55 caliber smoothbore, barrel trimmed to 35",
walnut, iron, original flintlock, dark patina,
lock marked U.S. Deringer, Phila
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This antique U. S. Model 1817 Common Rifle is marked U. S. and Deringer over Philadelphia on the lock plate. The U. S. Model 1817 was designed with a 36" length .54 caliber rifled barrel, and a bit more drop in the stock than the earlier U. S. Model 1814 Common Rifle. Pattern rifles were made at Harper's Ferry Arsenal, then delivered to four contractors: Henry Deringer (sometimes spelled Derringer), Johnson, North, and Starr. The three iron barrel bands, and round faced lock with brass pan are very similar in design to the more frequently encountered U. S. Model 1816 Musket made during the same period. There were three distinct batches of these rifles contracted with some made as late as the 1840's, and Deringer took the oppertunity to use up surplus parts on the final contract. On rifles delivered during the last contract some variations are noted in official records dated Janurary, 1841 to inspector W.A. Thronton "Such variations as do not impair the serviceable qualities of the arms should be tolerated as the entire Model is to be shortly changed, when the percussion lock is introduced".

Originally a .36" tapered round barrel this example has had 1" trimmed off the muzzle end. The barrel was rifled in .54 caliber, the bore is now a .55 caliber smoothbore, and the bore is very dark. The barrel is secured to the stock with three barrel bands with band springs, the front and rear band are correct for this model. The middle band is a replacement, it is too long,and does not allow the band spring to fully lock it in place, the middle band also has stud hole for a band spring, a design which was not used on this model on the middle band. Low front and rear sights are dovetailed into the barrel. The breech end of the barrel is stamped US, P for proof mark, a large G.F has also been stamped into the breech end of the barrel. There is no visible date on the tang.

This rifle had a reputation for grace, balance, and good design. Some examples of the 1817 Common Rifle were still in government arsenals and used up to, and during the American Civil War, long after other earlier arms were retired. Our front view shows the black walnut stock, the oval iron patchbox which opens correctly to reveal a large cavity with bit and brace marks used to drill the material away still visible. The stock was sanded long ago and the cartouche mark on the side panel is very, very, faint, there is a deeper V stamp remaining. The stock still has many small handling marks, dents, and dings. The buttplate has aged to a dark brown and does not have a visible U.S. mark which is typical. The forearm of the stock has a old section missing on the right hand side from the rear barrel band to the mid-point between the middle barrel band.

Our bottom view shows the rounded toe, sleek lines, and the accumulated marks in the stock by its many early owners. The rear sling swivel is mounted to the spur on the grip rail. This swivel is frozen in position. The ramrod is too short for this rifle and is only 32-3/4" long with period style male threads on the rear end. The side panel is fitted with a French style sideplate that was used on many U.S. military longarms in the 19th century.

The flintlock has a round face and rounded cock, brass pan, and is similar in appearance to the U. S. Model 1816 Musket lock, except smaller. This lock is still in original flintlock and you can see the French influence on the design of the mainspring. The brass pan was designed to resist corrosion. The top of the frizzen is tipped forward to prevent the user from slipping and cutting a hand with the flint. The date across the tail appears to be 1844, the U.S./ Deringer/ Phila marking were not deeply struck and the textured patina makes them difficult to read. Internally the lock has visible assembly numbers on the parts, a few parts retain the spots of the original bright temper blue finish. The lock functions and does spark. The barrel has a direct drilled vent hole.

The design of this early American military rifle is contemporary to the highly collectible American flint longrifles of the Golden Age era. It will make a fine addition to your collection of antique military rifles, muskets and pistols. This longrifle is new, unfired. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.

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