Antique French Pistol,
.58 caliber rifled, 7" swamped barrel,
percussion conversion lock needs attention, walnut, iron trim
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This antique French pistol stocked in dense European walnut with a dark brown almost black appearance. The .58 caliber rifled pistol has a checkered grip with comfortable swell and domed buttcap. The iron furniture is neatly shaped in French style from the early 19th century. The swamped barrel is fitted with a hooked breech and secured with a single wedge key. Converted to percussion the barrel has a bolster forged onto the breech. The lock does require some attention. The original ramrod is missing and a blank rod has been fitted through the pipes.

The .58 caliber bore is rifled with a microgroove style rifling and the bore appears to be in excellent condition. The 7" barrel is swamped octagon on the top with the bottom left round. The barrel is unsigned and has no proof marks for country of origin. The barrel has a small silver blade front sight and the rear sight is integral to the hooked breech.

The stock has raised carving around the hooked breech and lock panels and the grip is neatly checkered. The stock has scattered handling marks and has developed a crack from the breech to the rear lock bolt from the wood shrinking against the barrel. All of the furniture has a dark gray brown patina.

The antique lock was converted to percussion and in the process of conversion the plate was filed to dress down the L shaped flash fence. The plate has the faint remains of an engraved signature, now illegible. The sear of the lock has a chipped nose and the arm has been ground down. The lock will not engage the half cock notch and will not securely engage the full cock notch. The excess sear travel has caused a chip to break away from the lock panel on the lower edge of the lock plate tail. The original tumbler screw is missing.

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