Fine Antique Breechloading Shotgun
16 gauge 2-1/2" chambers, 30-1/2" Damascus barrels,
folding tang sight, set trigger, horn grip rail and forearm
walnut stock with checkering and relief carving
Part Number: AAM-326
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Well over 100 years of age, this fine German made side-by-side cartridge shotgun is in excellent shape for its advanced age. Inlaid Gerb. Luck in Suhl on the upper rib, the 16 gauge Damascus steel barrels display the wire twist over the full length. The European walnut stock has very attractive raised and incised carving, checkered wrist and forearm. The triggerguard grip rail and LeFever style lever are horn. The tang of this shotgun has a folding tang sight, and the right hand trigger is single set trigger. This antique shotgun is well made, but does have some small handling marks from 100+ years of handling.

The 30-1/2" Damascus barrels have a dark brown finish with some wear from handling. They are inlaid on the rib Gerb. Luck in Suhl Running the length of the barrels the rib is solid and finished with a brass bead front sight. The 16 gauge bores are mostly bright with some scattered light pitting visible. Designed for black powder shotshells. Never load modern steel shot into any antique shotgun. Use lead shot, where legal. Use non-toxic bismuth shot, when required for hunting waterfowl. Offered as a serviceable antique gun, we have not proof tested this gun. We always recommend that you fire your maximum load, remotely, to prove any antique gun safe, to your satisfaction.

Stocked in European walnut, the wood has a warm brown tone. The stock has a few scattered handling marks, but no major repairs. The wrist is covered in fine flat top checkering with a beautifully cut raised and incised border along the buttstock. The buttplate is tall, nearly flat, to help spread the felt recoil over a large area. The toe of the buttplate is stamped 4400 over a imperial eagle over 665.

The folding tang sight is shown raised. The sight folds down into a form fitted pocket in the tang of the action. The action has a silver gray patina that nicely displays the hand engraving. The Flobert style triggerguard is fitted with a horn grip rail. The horn has stood the test of time well and has only a few marks along some of the crisp edges.

Trigger reach on the shotgun is 12-1/4" and 13-1/4", combined with a weight of 6.5 pounds this is a nice manageable shotgun that would be a pleasure to carry in the field.

The buttplate has a short pointed heel that extends over the end of the buttstock. The stock is shaped with a large cheekpiece for a right hand shooter. The long tang is stepped down and has a pocket for the folding tang sight. The back action rebounding hammer locks allow for a slender wrist.

Viewed from below the rounded toe of the double barrel shotgun can be seen. Ahead of the toe a sling swivel stud has been installed into the stock retaining the rear sling swivel. The forward swivel is mounted to a oval base mounted to the lower rib. The swivel appears to be original, but the mounting screw has been replaced with a iron nail with the end peened to secure it. The raised carving bordering the checkering is very well executed. The Flobert style triggerguard has a speckled gray patina with hand engraved floral designs. The screw slots are neatly aligned with the barrel and neatly hand engraved. The horn lever is mounted to a long steel lever fitted to the inside. The horn is free from cracks and operates smoothly.

The back action rebounding hammer locks function correctly. The firing pins have springs to return them. The right hand lock is engraved with floral designs and a running stag. The left hand lock has similar decoration with a pheasant. The action is neatly hand engraved with floral designs. The right hand trigger has a single set feature. Press the trigger forward until it latches. Once set it is very light. The small screw adjusts the trigger pressure in the set position.

This view of the left hand lock and stock shows the large oval cheekpiece. Over a century old this shotgun is a fine example of old world craftsmanship. It would be a nice addition to any double gun collection.

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