Hawken - Gemmer Rolling Block Rifle
caliber .40-90 Sharps Bottleneck, 34" barrel,
walnut, iron trim, with dies, cases, Soule sights,
on a new Davide Pedersoli action
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Not available for export outside the U.S.A. Must be delivered to a Minnesota resident, or a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer in any other state. A signed copy of your dealer's FFL license is required before shipment.
This Gemmer - Remington conversion is stocked in walnut, and trimmed in iron furniture. This conversion was assemble around a No. 1 Remington Rolling Block action by Davide Pedersoli. The buttstock is fitted with a tall checkered steel buttplate. The triggerguard has the classic scroll shape. The heavy barrel is fitted with a spirit level front sight. The tang is mounted with a Lee Shaver Soule Vernier tang sight.

This rifle is chambered for the .40-90 Sharps Bottle Neck cartridge. The barrel is 1-1/8" straight octagon with an overall length of 34", finished to a dark blue. The barrel is fitted with a underrib and ramrod pipes to accept the 3/8" diameter cleaning rod. The rod has a brass tip with 8-32 threads for cleaning accessories.

This rifle includes:
  • A sack for the Soule Vernier sight
  • RCBS Shell holder
  • RCBS .40-90 SBN Three Die Set
  • 50 cases reformed from .348 Winchester brass
Assembled on a modern action. We must deliver to a Minnesota resident, or to a licensed dealer in any other state. Ready for same day shipment on receipt of your funds, and your Federal Firearms Licensed dealer's signed FFL copy.
Stocked in black walnut, the stock has a small amount of figure. The oil finish has matte appearance that complements the rest of the rifle.The buttstock is fitted with a tall, nearly flat, checkered steel buttplate to help reduce felt recoil. The wrist and forearm are shaped with sporting rifle style raised panels. The forearm is secured with two blued wedge keys mounted through oval escutcheons.

Weighing in at 14.5 pounds the rifle has a trigger reach of 14-1/4". Perfectly set-up for today's taller than average sized shooter.
The buttplate has a short pointed heel. The oval cheekpiece is tapered widest at the rear to recoil away from the shooter's cheek. The upper tang of the rifle is drilled and tapped to accept a tang sight with a 1.51" hole spacing.
The forearm is held in position by two wedge keys in oval escutcheons. The blued wedge keys are well fitted and require firm pressure to remove. The stock is shaped with sporting rifle lock panels that taper outward from the action.
This nice single shot rifle has a strong mainspring. The hammer, breech block, and action are finished to a dark blue. The action has a few marks typical of use. The action is fitted with the typical military style single trigger.
The large oval cheekpiece is shaped with an accent line along the lower edge on this classic Gemmer conversion of a Remington Rolling Block rifle.
The 5" tall Lee Shaver tang sight has Soule style micrometer adjustment for windage and Vernier elevation 1/2 MOA adjustments.

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Ready for same day shipment on receipt of your funds, and your Federal Firearms Licensed dealer''s signed FFL copy. We must deliver to a Minnesota resident, or to a licensed dealer in any other state.

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