Ulysses S. Grant Commemorative 1851 Colt Navy Revolver
.36 caliber, 7-1/2" barrel, percussion,
walnut case, flask, mold, accessories,
by Colt ~ Second Generation
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This 36 caliber percussion revolver appears to be unfired as-new with no marks on the cylinder typical of firing and cleaning. The cylinder latches do have a small bright spot on the edges from cocking. This fine percussion revolver is a Ulysses S. Grant commemorative edition. Originally this percussion revolver was paired with a Robert E. Lee commemorative revolver, each with period accessories. Colt issued this limited edition Civil War commemorative, also called the "Blue and Grey" set, in 1971. (The Robert E. Lee revolver is not included in this purchase.)

Known as the Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver, the term "Navy" indicates that it is .36 caliber. In all actuality, the U. S. Army bought more of the 1851 Navy Model revolvers than the U. S. Navy purchased. Notice the color case hardened steel frame. Unlike less costly revolvers made with a brass frame, this revolver has the rugged steel frame, and will handle full loads for years, without the tendency to stretch, which can be a problem with brass frame revolvers when they are abused. The backstrap and triggerguard are silver plated, which has started to darken from long storage.

Should you decide to fire this revolver. Disassembly for cleaning is easy. Drive the wedge key out of the barrel, using a brass wedge key punch. Slide off the barrel, and cylinder. Wipe down the frame and grip, but avoid disassembly. It is wise to completely strip and clean the action about once per year, using a well fitted screwdriver made to fit the small screws. Remove the nipples with the nipple wrench, that is included in this commemorative set. Wash the barrel, nipples, and cylinder with a bottle brush, in hot soapy water. Dry the parts with a cloth, or rinse them in boiling water, and apply oil. Apply a touch of Birchwood Casey's Choke Tube Lubricant to the threads of the nipples, before re-installing them. This anti-seize will prevent the nipples from becoming stuck, a real problem with neglected revolvers.

Our top view shows the 7-1/2" blued octagon barrel with brass bead front sight. The top of the barrel is engraved ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW - YORK CITY. The left flat of the barrel reads ULYSSES S. GRANT COMMEMORATIVE - NINETEEN SEVENTY ONE. A pointed brass bead front sight is mounted near the muzzle. A notch in the hammer, serves as a rear sight. The notch in the hammer is small, for those who prefer a fine sight picture.

The cylinder is factory roll engraved with a Naval battle scene, as found on the original Colt 1851 Navy revolver. The bore is rifled, with seven equal lands and grooves, fast twist, and the factory recommends a .375" round ball to provide a tight seal in the cylinder. Walnut grips are factory varnished to a satin finish, mounted in Colt style, finished in the classic Colt reddish brown color, made of one piece of walnut. Overall this is a one of a kind black powder revolver that would be a great addition to any collection. Only 4,750 of these pieces were made in 1971.

On the top of this walnut box the Colt trademark is stamped in brass. Also, the top of the walnut lid and the inside of the lid both read, ULYSSES S. GRANT COMMEMORATIVE NINETEEN SEVENTY ONE. The case measures 14 1/4" wide, by 6 1/4" deep. The interior is lined with light blue colored velvet. This box shows some handling marks. The wooden dividers are all in excellent condition.

The box comes with a Dixon powder flask which appears to have been handled based on the patina on the head and body. a capbox, nipple wrench (below flask), and a .36 cal. double bullet mold. The mold is for a round ball and conical. A key is included for locking the case. There are no caps in the capbox.

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