Cape Gun,
.50 rifle & 12 gauge, 24" barrels,
L&R bar locks, walnut, iron & nickel silver trim,
by Gary White
Part Number: AAR-535
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This percussion cap gun, rifle and shotgun combination, was assembled from scratch by contemporary builder Dr. Gary White. You can learn about building a double flint and percussion shotgun in the book Recreating the Double Barrel Muzzleloading Shotgun by W. Brockway, our #BOOK-RDBMLS . Stocked in walnut, this iron trimmed shotgun is fitted with L&R percussion bar locks. With trigger reaches of 14-3/4" and 13-3/4", the gun weighs in at 10.7 pounds, which is not unusual for a gun with two barrels.

The right hand barrel is 12 gauge fitted with a .730" diameter cylinder bore screw in choke. Use a patched round ball, or our 12 gauge wads and cards with shot. This muzzleloading shotgun must never be fired with steel shot. Use black powder lead for upland game, or Bismuth shot for waterfowl.The left barrel is .50 caliber rifled with a 1 in 28" fast twist and shallow grooves for a conical bullet. Both bores are bright and appear to be well maintained. The upper rib is fitted with a steel blade front sight and a flat top rear sight dovetailed 4-1/4" ahead of the breech.

The walnut stock has a even brown tone with a semi gloss finish. The buttstock is fitted with a wide flat steel buttplate, to reduce recoil and makes the gun comfortable with full loads. The right hand lock panel has some small chips at the rear. The top view reveals that this gun is stocked with a cast-off for a right hand shooter. The cast off helps center the shooters eye along the centerline of the barrels. The left hand forearm has a crack that appears to have been repaired during construction. It is just faintly visible as line from the lock panel up to the barrel channel.

The barrel is fitted with a hooked breech to allow for easy cleaning without risk of wetting the stock. You will want to have the locks at half cock when the barrels swing up. Drift the wedge keys clear of the underlug and the barrel can be lifted up from the stock. The bottom view shows the rounded toe, wide flat buttplate, and browned steel triggerguard. The lock panels taper widest at the front in late flint and percussion shotgun fashion to make the wrist as slender as possible.

Matching L&R bar locks are fitted. The hammers on these locks have been extended to reach over the breech, and both hammers have some small open voids visible where the hammers were welded to extend them. Both locks function correctly with secure half and full cock notches. The left hand lock has some play in the mortise and the front of the plate will tip outboard slightly. A drip bar is fitted to replace the thin wood ahead of the breech which was often susceptible to damage over time. The breeches are fitted with 1/4-28 threaded nipples.

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