Lyman Great Plains Hunter Rifle,
.54 caliber, 32" barrel,
fast 1 in 32" twist for bullet,
right hand, percussion, factory new in-the-box, unfired
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Stocked in walnut, trimmed in iron furniture, the Lyman Great Plains Rifle features a hooked breech, two wedge keys, double set triggers, adjustable rear sight, and a 32" barrel.

The "HUNTER" rifle has a fast 32" twist with shallow rifling grooves, to shoot a Minie bullet, Maxi bullet, or the new Sabot projectiles.

Based on the original Hawken plains rifle, the Lyman Great Plains Rifle has improved design features, with hidden modern improvements in the lock, and an attractive price, make the Lyman Great Plains Rifle a compelling value for the big game hunter or serious shooter.

The Plains Rifle was carried across the Great Plains, by western pioneers and fur trappers. It was the culmination of years of firearms development. The Lyman Great Plains Rifle is similar to rifles built by the famous Saint Louis rifle makers, Samuel Hawken, Gemmer, and Horace E. Dimick to the meet the demands of experienced backwoodsmen.

This classic muzzleloading rifle offers such high quality features as a 32" barrel, with 1 turn in 32" twist, and shallow rifling grooves, ideal for Minie or Maxi bullet. A round ball barrel with slow twist and deep grooves is sold separately, so you may shoot either projectile in club matches, or in separate seasons.

Double lever double set triggers are fitted, for target shooting, or hunting. The triggers are well adjusted, to allow cocking the lock, or setting the trigger, in any sequence. You may fire the rifle with the trigger set, for a hair trigger release. Or, fire this rifle with the trigger unset, for a firm normal trigger release, ideal for cold weather hunting, or youth training.

A Hawken style hooked breech engages a separate tang, for ease of cleaning after shooting. This rifle features a correct iron ramrod entry thimble, and nose cap. Fitted with a reliable coil spring lock, the lock is case hardened in mottled colors.

When viewed from the top, the Lyman Great Plains Rifle's steel buttplate comb is nicely polished and blued to match the barrel and other iron furniture. The oval cheek rest is raised to support the shooter's cheek.

Two tang screws retain the hooked breech plug's tang. The top flat of the barrel is marked - LYMAN - MIDDLEFIELD, CONN - in antique style block letters. The diagonal flats are marked GREAT PLAINS RIFLE and the caliber, serial number, and proof marks.

The full buckhorn rear sight is screw adjustable for elevation, and may be drifted in the dovetail for windage. Mounted in a standard dovetail slot, we offer a fixed rear sight, at small extra cost, for use when your club rules prohibit adjustable sights.

A blued steel blade front sight, with integral steel dovetail base, is mounted behind the muzzle, in a standard dovetail slot. A brass cleaning jag (jagged tip for cleaning patch) is also included.

We stock the Lyman #FS-17-AEU Globe Front Sight, aperture inserts, and the Lyman #RS-57-GPR adjustable aperture tang sight, if you wish to install fancy match grade target sights for NMLRA Any Metal Sight competition.

Our bottom view shows the classic iron toeplate, with beavertail finial, and the iron triggerguard. Both are shaped in the classic style of the Hawken brothers, of Saint Louis.

The lock plate and hammer are color case hardened, in muted mottled colors, as original.

The hooked breech is easily dismounted for cleaning. Two wedge keys are fitted through oval iron inlays. After pressing out the two wedge keys from the forend, withdraw the ramrod, and lift the muzzle end to unhook the breech. We stock the #RLP-S stainless No. 11 nipple, with 6-.75mm threads, for Lyman percussion rifles.

Double lever set triggers are perfectly adjusted, to allow the lock to be cocked, or the hammer to be set, in any sequence.

Our back view shows the raised beavertail cheek piece, and single lock bolt fitted to a flush mounted iron escutcheon. Trigger reach is 14" exactly, to fit a 5'10" or taller shooter most comfortably.

The .54 caliber rifle weighs an average of 9 pounds.

The forend cap is polished steel, blued to match the iron hardware. The ramrod entry pipe is correctly positioned to touch the rear edge of the forend cap, for a smooth appearance.

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