Antique Ohio Fullstock Longrifle,
.41 caliber, 35" barrel marked J. Witt & Co.,
percussion, maple stock, brass,
with original accessories; horn, hunting pouch, mold, powder measure

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This Ohio fullstock longrifle would make a nice addition to your antique muzzleloader collection. It comes with its original leather bag, powder horn, bullet mold, cap tin, and adjustable powder measure. The bottom flat of the .41 caliber barrel is marked J. Witt & Co.. The back action lock is marked T. Neave & Sons Cincinnati. Our research shows that J. Witt & Co. was producing guns in Dayton, Ohio from 1848-1854. We believe this rifle was either restocked or refinished in the early to mid 1900's. The previous owner had this rifle on display in his house for 50 years, and he has left it untouched since he inherited it from his father. The family was from Ohio regionally between Dayton and Cincinnati. The bore is bright, with only a few minor pits near the muzzle. Trigger reach is 13-3/4", and the weight is 11.9 pounds.

The barrel is 1.1" straight octagon by 35" long with a .41 caliber bore. The bore is bright, with only a few minor pits near the muzzle. The barrel is fitted with a very low period silver blade front sight that is fitted to a slot near the muzzle, without the use of a dovetail. The flat top rear sight is dovetailed 9" ahead of the breech. The barrel has aged to a textured brown patina. The breech end of the barrel also displays deep texturing from the corrosive 19th century period caps. The clean-out screw appears to have been replaced at a later date. The bottom flat is marked J. Witt & Co. and the muzzle is stamped with a decorative circular dot design.

We suspect the stock was refinished or replaced with a close copy of the original. It does not show any dents or cap erosion typically found on original unfinished antique stocks. The stock has a gloss finish and displays beautiful tiger stripe figure from butt to muzzle. The brass buttplate appears to be original from the mid 1800's and is mounted with steel screws that show some patina. The buttplate casting had a void near the heel, and the builder finished right over it, apparently this did not bother customers in the 1800's like it would the modern day consumer. The tang of the breech is shaped with a pointed tip, and the single tang bolt passes through the stock to engage the brass trigger plate below. A small silver oval inlay decorates the top of the wrist. The wood behind the hammer near the breech shows no erosion from repeated cap flash. The brass patchbox is mounted with brass screws and the lid opens to reveal a deep cut cavity for storing shooting supplies. The patchbox is neatly engraved with a floral pattern and the engraving goes through the brass screw heads. The engraving on the screw heads lines up perfectly, indicating the screws have never been removed. Brass screws were not used on muzzleloaders until the early to mid 1900's. We suspect the patchbox was added latter when the rifle was restocked or refinished.

The toe of the stock is protected with an engraved brass toeplate that is also mounted with brass screws. The triggerguard is secured to the stock with two pins and has aged to a mellow patina. Forward on the rifle the two ramrod pipes and entry pipe are decorated with ringed ends. The wooden ramrod is fitted with a brass loading tip, and the opposite end has a steel tip threaded to accept antique 10-24 cleaning and loading accessories. The ramrod is decorated with a thin and faint barber pole design. A brass muzzle cap protects the end grain of the stock. A large square cheek is formed on the left side of the buttstock. It is decorated with two incised molding lines. The side panel is fitted with an engraved brass sideplate finished flush with the side panel. The engraving matches that found on the patchbox and toeplate. A single lock bolt passes through to engage the lock on the opposite side.

The back action percussion lock plate is die stamped with floral engraving. The lock plate is stamped T. Neave & Sons Cincinnati. The hammer is decorated with stamped floral engraving and the left side of the hammer cup is chipped off. The tumbler does not have a half-cock notch, which is typical of many antique guns from this period. The lock has a strong mainspring and functions correctly. This rifle is fitted with a single lever double set trigger. Due to the single lever design it will only fire from the set position.. The trigger plate is made from brass and mounted with a steel screw. The antique nipple is rusted into the bolster.

This rifle comes with its original accessories that have been passed down with the rifle. These include a leather double bag. The bag measures 7-1/2" wide by 8-1/2" tall. The leather strap has broken off from above where it attached to the bag's body. The bag is neatly sewn with welted seams and close tight stitching. The commercial made powder horn measures 14" from the base to the tip of the horn. The turned base is decorated with carved raised rings. The base is retained with small iron brads. The turned tip unscrews for filling, and the stopper is missing. An iron staple is fitted in the base plug and on the right side of the neck. The original leather strap ends are still attached to the staples and were broken off just after the stitching. A brass round ball mold made specifically for this rifle, along with a bag of lead round balls is also included with the set. The round balls measure .405" diameter. The brass percussion cap tin has a green label that reads J. Goldmark's Percussion Caps / 100 Foil Lined No. 10 / Centerfire / Winchester Repeating Arms Co. / New Haven. A small handmade iron adjustable powder measure is marked with calibrations from 1-8 on the slider.

This antique Ohio fullstock longrifle has a bright bore and a refinished stock. It comes will its original shooting accessories that have been together for over 150 years. It will look great hanging above the fireplace or decorating the wall of your cabin. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.

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