Antique English Sporting Rifle,
.50 caliber belted ball, 30" twist barrel with game scale,
walnut, iron, engraved, percussion, single set trigger,
lock and barrel marked Pryse & Redman
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This antique English Sporting Rifle has a mid 19th century English appearance. Incorporating features almost modern in design. This rifle stock has a classic straight grip, with a wide flat steel buttplate. The percussion bar lock is mated to a hooked breech and tang. Push the one barrel wedge key open, withdraw the ramrod, and the barrel will lift and unhook from the tang, for easy cleaning after a day of shooting. The rear sight has three leaves for extended range shooting. The barrel also has a calibrated game scale, which is not a common feature. Marked Pryse & Redman the Birmingham firm made shotguns, rifles and handguns . The Pryse firm was founded circa 1838 in Birmingham, England by Charles Pryse (the Elder). It initially was known as Charles Pryse, Gun & Rifle Maker changing to Charles Pryse & Co. circa 1840. In 1842 Charles Pryse (the Elder) paired up with Richard Redman, and the company name was changed to Pryse & Redman until 1873, when Charles (the Younger) took over and changed the name back to Charles Pryse & Co. The elder Charles Pryse served on the Board of Directors of the BSA (British Small Arms Mfg.) and must have been well known in the Birmingham trade. Enfield pattern muskets attributed to American Civil War use have been found with the Pryse & Redman name stamped on them. Weighing 9.4 pounds, this rifle has a 14-1/2" trigger reach for a larger or taller shooter.

The rifle is fitted with a 30" Damascus swamped barrel. The breech end of the barrel is engraved Pryse & Redman 250 Piccadilly London No. 1224, having a London office was common practice for Birmingham gun makers. The barrel profile is unusual with six of the eight flats the traditional flat profile with two flats squared to engage the game scale, which appears to be applied. This unusual feature on the swamped profile must have been a very labor intensive feature. The.50 caliber bore is a belted ball style with two narrow grooves and wide lands with a slow twist. The bore has a frosted appearance. The barrel is fitted with a rear sight mounted 5-1/2" ahead of the breech. The rear sight has three additional leaves for shooting at longer ranges, calibrated for 200, 300, 400 yards. The leaves have platinum insets, which likely were high contrast when the rifle was originally finished. The front sight is a iron blade with a integral base dovetailed just behind the muzzle in English fashion. The top of the barrel is engraved with a 20" long game scale with 1" increments - for when you really have to know in the field.

The walnut stock has some repairs and the glossy finish is applied unevenly. The wrist is checkered and appears to have been re-cut at some point. The stock has a crack at the bottom of the lock panel from the lock mortise to the triggerguard mortise. The lock panel and forearm have some cracks around the front edge of the pineapple finial triggerguard. This area has been filled with some brown epoxy and it appears to have some epoxy on the triggerguard. The left hand side of the forearm has been replaced from the forend cap to the lock panels, with a straight cut and finished to match the stock. The lock panels taper widest at the front in late percussion fashion, this design and the inset breech help create as slender a wrist as possible. The forend of the stock is fitted with a black horn forend cap. The sanding/refinishing of the stock has left many of the metal parts standing proud of the wood.

The steel buttplate is wide, tall, and nearly flat. This design is almost modern in style. The long extended comb is hand engraved with decorative scroll work. The oval cap box is hand engraved with a running stag. The cap box has a damaged antique tumbler with link inside. The buttplate and cap box stand proud of the stock. The long English style tang and the breech plug are both decorated with hand engraving. The hooked breech allows the barrel to be removed for easy cleaning. Push the one barrel wedge key open, withdraw the ramrod, and the barrel will lift and unhook from the tang, for easy cleaning after a day of shooting. The oval key escutcheon on the right hand side is a modern replacement, and the key has been polished. The entry pipe has a short tapered English style skirt. The ramrod is a modern replacement and does not fit the ramrod pipes correctly. The original ramrod would have been tapered. A single lock bolt engages the lock through the side panel in late percussion fashion. The stock does not have a check piece shaped in shotgun fashion.

Ignition is provided by this English style percussion bar lock with drip bar. The lock is attractively engraved with decorative scrolls and signed Pryse & Redman just below the drip bar. The tumbler screw is a modern replacement. The lock has a very low half cock position just above the modern replacement nipple, the full cock position is only just slightly higher. The tumbler on this lock may have been replaced, we did not dismount the lock to inspect it. Currently the lock will only engage the half cock or full cock positions once the single set trigger is set. You must push the trigger forward until it latches to set it. Requiring the trigger to be set first, which is a unusual design for a sporting rifle, and could be due to a different sear and trigger geometry than original.

A mid 19th century English Sporting Rifle with some repairs and refinishing. Not warranted safe to shoot, any antique that is being restored to service should be remotely proved before firing. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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