1861 Enfield Musketoon,
.58 caliber 24" barrel,
lock marked 1861 Enfield, figured English walnut, blued,
complete with nipple protector, early production, made in England,
by Parker Hale
Part Number: AAS-974
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This Enfield Musketoon, with 24" barrel is dated 1861 on the lock plate. Made for the .577" hollow base Minie bullet that allowed quick reloading, it achieved fine accuracy, and longer range than the round ball muskets of an earlier generation. The rear sight is calibrated and marked in 100 yard increments, up to 600 yards.

Unlike Springfield muskets, this Enfield musketoon is trimmed in brass. Stocked in close grain English walnut, the stock has a rich reddish walnut color with the factory satin finish. The cartouche is clearly visible in the factory finished buttstock.

The tapered round 24 inch barrel is rifled with three wide lands and grooves. It appears to be new inside, with a perfect bore, bright and clean. It will make a fine shooter, for hunting, or military musket competition.

Enfield muskets were imported and issued by both the North and the South. The Confederacy purchased Enfield muskets from neutral England, and brought them into the south, at great risk, aboard the blockade runners.

The brass buttplate, triggerguard, and muzzle cap, are retained with blued steel screws, as original. The two barrel bands are also polished bright and blued to a deep blue black to match the barrel. Stocked in English walnut, with some figure in the buttstock. Notice the circular cartouche, the maker's inspection mark, stamped in the center of the buttstock, exactly as found on original Enfield muskets. Sling swivels are mounted, for a military sling. No sling is included.

The rubber tipped brass nipple protector with brass chain, is an interesting safety feature, neatly fitted to a triggerguard stud.

The top view shows the brass buttplate, the long comb, and the tang. The buttplate has a dark streak from water with black powder residue wetting the brass. The barrel is tapered round, with a distinct flat at the breech, which makes a smooth transition to the tang. The barrel is nicely polished, factory blued. The top of the barrel is marked with a crown over BP, indicating a black powder proof at Birmingham. Screws are blued steel throughout.

The correct Enfield ladder style military sight is marked for elevation. This correct rear sight makes this rifled musket legal for NMLRA as-issued military musket matches.

Notice the sling swivel at the toe, for your military sling. The forward sling swivel is mounted to the front barrel band.

The color case hardened lock has the classic Enfield percussion hammer. The hammer is nicely engraved with a border, and checkered at the thumb spur. The lock plate colors are nice, bright, and well mottled. The lock plate is stamped 1861 ENFIELD, a crown (indicating ownership by the Crown), and the initials PH. A previous owner has smoothed the full-cock notch to allow a lighter trigger release than is common on a military issue musket.

This replica Enfield rifled musket is factory fitted with a blued steel 5/16-18 threaded Enfield musket nipple. We recommend our #EMS-I hardened steel nipple for musket caps, or our #ERS-S stainless nipple for standard #11 caps. Order our #NW-100 nipple wrench.

Two brass sideplate washers are inlet flush into the stock, and counter bored to accept the two lock bolts. The buttplate is perfectly matched to the stock profile. Attractively priced, this nice used Enfield Carbine will be appreciated by a Civil War reenactor. Both sides prized the English Enfield musket.

This is an early Parker Hale Musketoon, made in Birmingham, England, with English proof marks. Later production was moved to Italy.

This nice specimen has no obvious wear in the beautiful blue finish of the barrel and barrel bands, or the color hardened lock. The stock varnish is factory original, and has only handling marks from normal use, including a few tiny indents in the side panel opposite the lock. Probably carried but unfired, we don't often see English walnut Enfield stocks with these attractive stripes of figure.
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