Antique Ohio Rifle,
.30 caliber, 37" barrel,
percussion, curly maple, brass trim,
marked B. Sells
Part Number: AAS-934
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This antique Ohio rifle is stocked in maple and trimmed in brass furniture. The barrel is stamped B. Sells on the top flat. The lock is marked T&C Neave, Cincinnati. This rifle was originally fullstock and was later cut down to make a halfstock rifle during its working life. Many fullstock rifles were cut down in the mid 1800's to keep up with the "new" halfstock fashion. The .30 caliber bore is dark and pitted from over 170 years of use. Trigger reach is 13-1/4", about average for an antique longrifle. Weight is 8.3 pounds.

The .30 caliber barrel is roughly 7/8" octagon with an overall length of 37". The bore is dark and has pitting running its entire length. The exterior has aged to a brown-gray patina and has many dings and scratches in it. The breech end is pitted from the corrosive percussion caps used during the 1800's. The top flat of the barrel is stamped B. Sells . A full buckhorn rear sight is dovetailed 6" ahead of the breech. A low silver blade front sight is fitted 1/2" behind the muzzle.

The curly maple stock has many dings and marks from over 170 years of handling. The stock has a repair at the front of the lock panel. A small brass nail is used to secure the wood repair. Drying cracks can be seen at the rear of the lock panel. The tip of the toe is cracked all the way through the stock. There is a large repaired crack that can be seen on both sides directly through the middle of the buttstock. A piece of deer antler was inlet into the left side of the buttstock and was finished flush. Discoloration around the antler can be seen in the wood finish. The crescent shaped brass buttplate has aged to a dark patina. A silver thumb inlay is inlet in the top of the wrist, directly behind the long pointed tang of the breech plug. There is a significant gap between the tang and the wood on the right side of the stock.

Originally a fullstock, the forearm was cut back to a halfstock, with a poured pewter nosecap. The underlug locations can still be seen from when they were removed to make the rifle a halfstock. No under rib was installed and the brass ramrod pipes were soldered directly to the barrel's lower flat. We note the rear has been reattached with epoxy. A thin wooden ramrod without tips is fitted to the gun. More recently, rawhide was wrapped around the forearm where the pin passes through the stock to secure the barrel to the forearm.

The brass toeplate is secured with two steel screws and one brass one at the rear. The brass triggerguard has a well aged patina, with the areas that are frequently handled worn brighter. The guard is retained to the stock with a steel screw at the front. The rear was originally pinned, but is not retained with a brass screw. The bottom of the side panel has a triangular shaped wood "Dutchman repair." An Ohio style brass sideplate is inlet flush to the stock. We note the wood is chipped out along the top left corner of the sideplate and the barrel. A single bolt passes through the stock to engage the lock on the opposite side.

The percussion lock has aged to the same brown-gray patina as the barrel. The lock plate is stamped T&C Neave, Cincinnati. As with many percussion locks the tumbler has only a single notch, full cock. This simplified lock construction by eliminating the fly detent for use with set triggers. We note the hammer has significant side-to-side play. The single lever double set triggers will only fire the lock from the set position. Due to rear trigger backlash the triggers must be set before the lock can be brought to full cock. The antique nipple appears to have been installed in the bolster for a long time, and we have not tried to remove it.

This antique Ohio rifle has a wonderful patina. It will make a great display piece or addition to your collection. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.

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