Maynard Model 2 Carbine,
.50 caliber, 20" barrel,
antique percussion breech loader,
great bore, walnut, military cartouche marks, some patina

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Edward Maynard was considered to be one of the greatest 19th century American firearms innovators. A dentist by trade who originally wanted to be a soldier, but could not due to health reasons. Edward Maynard's impressive career in dentistry is secondary to his more impressive contributions to rifle development. Over the course of his life, Maynard was awarded 23 firearms related patents. He is best known for his first invention, the Maynard tape primer which was fitted to U.S. Model 1855 muskets.

Maynard's rifle patent of 1851 would, in the end, prove far more long lasting than his priming system. His simple and effective single shot rifle was operated by a lever which, when depressed, opened the breech for loading by raising the barrel. After insertion of a cartridge, raising the lever closed the gun's breech. The loaded rifle was then cocked and primed by placing a cap on its nipple or simply cocked so that its Maynard priming system advanced a primer atop the nipple. A major feature of this carbine was its method of preventing gas escape at the breech, a concern of the externally primed breech-loaders of the 1850s. The Maynard cartridge was brass, with a small hole in the center of its base so that the explosion of the cap could ignite it. The cartridge case also had a generous rim, which enabled its swift extraction by the shooter's fingers, and was reloadable for numerous uses.

Union cavalry regiments armed with the second model were the 9th and 11th Indiana, and the 11th Tennessee. The Confederacy purchased a number of first models before the war started. Although Confederate ammunition manufacturers were unable to produce internally primed rimfire cartridges for captured Spencers and Henrys. They were able to manufacture the Maynard round until late in 1864, when a shortage of raw materials hindered production.

This antique carbine is a second model or "1863 model". Stocked in black walnut, the action, barrel, and furniture have some patina but still have a considerable amount of the original finish remaining. The right hand side of the action is stamped Manufactured by Mass. Arms Co. Chickopee, Falls. The left hand side of the action is marked Edward Maynard Patentee, May 27 1851, Dec 6 1859, just under the barrel. The beech end of the barrel is marked with a S inspection mark. The sling bar is marked with a S inspection mark. The buttstock is marked with two inspection cartouche's. Both marks are very clear and well defined.

The octagon-to-round barrel is 20", which makes it very handy to handle. The .50 caliber bore is rifled with three lands and grooves. The bore is mirror bright with just a hint of frosted appearance just ahead of the chamber visible. The rear sight has three leaves for 100, 300, and 500 yards. The steel front sight blade is fitted behind the muzzle of the barrel. The barrel retains much of the blue finish, but does have scattered brown speckles with a light texture. The majority of the speckling is on the right hand side of the barrel as if it was in contact with something that was wet for a considerable length of time.

This slender carbine weighs only 6.2 pounds. The offset hammer is mounted in center of the action. The hammer some blue finish turning to a dark gray. The nipple is a modern replacement in the correct antique thread. The bolster on the action has some textured patina, likely from cap flash. The action has some patina but still retains a considerable amount of the color case hardened colors. The lower tang is marked with a 21xxx serial number and has some scattered brown speckling. The walnut stock is neatly fitted to the action and has only a few small handling marks. Shown with the lever up. The lever is moved down which opened the breech for loading by raising the barrel. After insertion of a cartridge, raise the lever to close the rifle's breech. The loaded rifle was then cocked and primed by placing a cap on its nipple. The lever has aged to a speckled gray brown patina, it has a few areas with a light texture.

This Maynard carbine serial number puts it near the end of production, which may account for the condition. We also carry the book A Guide to the Maynard Breechloader by George J. Layman, #BOOK-GMB for further information on Maynard rifles. . Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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