Gibbs Match Rifle,
.40 caliber fast twist, 35" octagon-to-round barrel,
percussion, checkered walnut, pistol grip,
tang sight, spirit level globe sight, mold, sizing die,
near new, by Davide Pedersoli
Part Number: AAS-033
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This long range target rifle is modeled after the work of the English gunsmith George Gibbs circa 1865. This handsome halfstock rifle has a wanlut stock with checkered pistol grip wrist and forearm . The grip cap and forend cap are ebony. Furniture is a mixture of blued and color case hardened steel. The breech plug tang is fitted with an elevation and windage adjustable tang sight. The front globe sight is also windage adjustable and is fitted with a spirit level. Manufactured by Davide Pedersoli Company of Italy, this used rifle has been well maintained and has the factory carton. Trigger reach is 14" to fit todays average size shooter. Weight is 12.4 pounds.

This rifle includes the following accessories:
  • A set of inserts for the front sight
  • .402" diameter Boomers bullet mold with Lyman handles
  • LEE .401 sizing die
  • Quick disconnect swivel
The barrel is 36" including the breech plug. The breech of the barrel is octagon for 2", tapering round to the muzzle. The barrel is finished to a high polish with a deep blue-black finish. The .40 caliber is rifled with a 1 in 16" twist. The bore is bright and has been well maintained. The Vernier tang sight is both windage and elevation adjustable. The design of the sight base allows the sight to only fold forward, be careful storing it in a case that may snag the staff. A small screw in the base adjusts the staff position until it is perpendicular. The eye disk has a large apature. A spirit level globe front sight is mounted behind the muzzle. This sight accepts inserts, and a full set inserts is included.

The walnut stock has a classic English architecture with a wide flat blued steel buttplate. The pistol grip and forearm are hand checkered. The color case hardened front action lock is well fitted. The barrel is fitted with a color case hardened hooked breech. A single wedge key mounts the barrel to the stock. Drift the wedge key clear of the underlug, put the lock at half cock, and the barrel can be dismounted from the stock for easy cleaning without risk of wetting the stock.

The buttplate is shaped with a long stepped English style comb. The rounded toe of the rifle is fitted with a nickel silver initial plate. The ebony grip cap is shaped with a sunburst design. The pistol grip triggerguard is color case hardened. A stud mounted to the triggerplate is positioned for a quick disconnect sling swivel. The side panel is fitted with a small brass washer style sideplate. A blued steel lock bolt with the slot neatly indexed. Shaped without a cheekpiece the buttstock displays attractive pattern.

The bar lock is color case hardened to brilliant blues, grays, and purples. The "bar" lock refers to the metal drip bar mounted to the barrel ahead of the breech plug. This bar replaces the thin wood along the top edge of the lock panel. With constant use, this thin wood can become burned from cap flash, or cracked while removing the barrel for cleaning. The breech is fitted with a 1/4-28 nipple for number 11 percussion caps.

This used muzzle loading target rifle is very well maintained and includes accessories. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.

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