Antique Greene's Patent Carbine,
.54 caliber, 18" barrel,
percussion with Maynard tape primer,
British proof marks, walnut, iron,
by Massachusetts Arms Co.
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The Greene's Patent Carbine was developed in the 1850's and U.S. trials were performed in late 1854. The U.S. purchased a small numbers of these carbines with 22" barrels but found the design lacking when compared to other competing arms. Greene approached foreign governments for sales and 2000 were produced by the Massachusetts Arms Company for the British military for use during the Crimean War, but arrived too late to see service. This example has the 18" barrel and various British Proof marks typical of the arms produced for the British Contract.

Greene’s carbine design revolved around a hinged breech system that was locked by a rotating barrel with two opposing lugs to secure the barrel, while a third lug accepts a locking pin. Pulling the forward trigger on the action retracts the locking pin. Then rotate the barrel 90 degrees to the right to align the lugs with the slot, and pull the barrel forward. Once forward the barrel swivels to the right hand side to expose the chamber in the breech for loading a linen cartridge. The barrel was swung back in alignment with the action, retracted which punctured the cartridge on a extended nozzle on the breech face, and rotated 90 degrees to the left to lock it in position. The carbine was primed with a Maynard tape primer, which advanced a roll of priming pellets over the nipple each time the hammer was cocked. This identical priming system was used on early Maynard, and Sharps carbines.

This carbine is stocked in walnut and trimmed in iron furniture. Much of the finish has aged to a silver gray patina with a hint of color case hardening on the lock The capbox is stamped with a crown/A/5 inspection mark.Just ahead of the capbox the stock is stamped with a 1. The toe of the stock is stamped crown/A/6 over crown/A/U

The top of the action is stamped crown/A/5. The breech end of the barrel is stamped crown/A/2. The breech has some scattered peen marks. The barrel is stamped with a S and broad arrow marking, which notes it was sold out of service by the British military. Manufactured as .54 caliber the bore is rifled with three lands and grooves in 19th century military fashion. The bore measures .564" land to groove and is bright. The barrel is fitted with a military style blade front sight and ladder rear sight. The elevator on the ladder is missing.

The lock of the carbine is clearly marked in three vertical lines behind the hammer: MASS. ARMS CO / CHICOPEE FALLS / U.S.A. 1856. The lock is also stamped with a CROWN)/ V. R. to indicate British government ownership. The color case hardened finish has started to fade. The tape primer door is marked MAYNARD’S PATENT / SEP 22 1845. The lock and Maynard tape primer are both mechanically functional. The lock on this model is held on by a screw hidden below the Maynard primer door. This screw has a bright head and appears to have been polished.

The locking pin/plunger inside the action on this example is missing. The forward trigger has a large section of the upper portion broken off and is currently floating loose in the triggerplate. The front of the action is missing one screw just ahead of the triggerguard. The rear lock bolt is broken off inside the lock plate, but both ends of the original bolt are present.

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