Allan Box Lock Rifle,
.58 caliber, 30" tapered Green Mountain octagon-to round barrel,
percussion, light weight, black walnut, pewter forend cap,
by Greg Worrell
Part Number: AAQ-565
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Price: $599.00
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This big bore Allan Box Lock Rifle is ideal for hunting deer, bear, elk, moose, buffalo, and larger game.

The Green Mountain .58 caliber cut rifled 30" barrel is octagon-to-round, 1-1/8" octagon at the breech, tapered to a bit over 7/8" round at the muzzle, to reduce weight, especially at the muzzle end.

Fitted with fixed sights, it is said to shoot well with a .575" patched round ball, and 120 grains of GOEX FFg powder, this is the maximum load that we would recommend, obviously a hunting load, with significant recoil in this nice rifle. It weighs exactly 10.0 pounds, and balances as if it were lighter.

Trigger reach is 14" to fit today's average size shooter.

Stocked in American black walnut, with very straight grain, selected for maximum strength.

The forend is finished with a poured pewter forend cap, circa 1840 styling.

Fixed sights, and simple graceful lines are visible from the top view. This rifle may become your favorite hunting companion.

Fitted with a wide flat checkered steel shotgun style buttplate, this is both traditional and clever. A wide flat buttplate will help spread the recoil, and make the gun more comfortable to shoot.

Notice the rounded toe and simple graceful lines of the hunting rifle.

We recommend 60 grains of FFFg, a tightly patched round ball, Mink Oil patch lube, after wiping the bore after each shot, for match use. This modest load should deliver quite mild recoil.

Said to be the largest of the box lock actions once produced by the famous innovative gun parts designer, Mr. Peter D. Allan, this is a very simple and clever percussion action.

The action, barrel, and all iron furniture are finished dark chocolate brown, non-glare, to disappear in the woods.

Equally comfortable for a right or left hand shooter. Trigger release is fairly light, very crisp, due to the optimum geometry.

Neatly assembled by Minnesota gun builder Greg Worrell, using only best American made parts, the .58 caliber Green Mountain barrel is the heart of this rifle. And the Allan box lock makes it very simple and very reliable. If you seek a modestly priced hunting companion, order this simple rifle today.
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