First Model Brown Bess era BRITISH WALL GUN,
1" bore, 54" barrel,
English walnut, brass, lock marked JORDAN - 1744,
31-1/2 pounds, used, by Larry Cruise
Part Number: AAT-714
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This attractive hand made replica of an early British Wall Gun, is a remarkable piece of work. It has eye appeal, and looks like a fine antique. Fitted with a tapered metal ramrod, as issued, with an armory bright finish, this gun has a bright 54" barrel and lock. The furniture is brass, and the stock is fine grain English walnut, stained medium dark, with a hand rubbed oil varnish, with some sheen. These big muskets are said to be very accurate at 100 yards. This example has a hole in the forearm of the stock to mount it to a yoke, which is included. In additon to the yoke one 974" lead ball, a bag style mold, a ball puller with reversible worm, 500 grain powder measure with vent pick, and a rod that can be used to tighten the cross drilled hole on the top jaw screw. Trigger reach is 16", and the weight is 31.5 pounds. These are comfortable dimensions, providing a good fit, and minimal recoil, with resting the gun, over a wall or barricade.

The wall gun barrel is 54" length, smooth bored for 1" ball, and polished bright inside and outside. This large musket will be a welcome gun for demonstration at Re-enactments, where most visitors were unaware that the British armed themselves with big bore Wall guns. The top view shows the long unmarked comb of the buttplate, and unmarked thumb piece. Original Brown Bess Muskets were marked with rack numbers and unit numbers. We assume that Wall Guns were also marked. A skilled engraver can add your unit numbers, if desired.

This large musket is stocked in English walnut and trimmed in burnished brass furniture. This musket has some scattered handling marks on the stock, which give it a used but well maintained appearance. We do note one visible grain seperation on the right hand side of the forend near the muzzle. This appears to be cosmetic and not a concern due to the location. The brass furniture is essentially a scaled up version of a contemporary 1742 Long Land Pattern Brown Bess musket with some slight differences on the triggerguard finial and a flat sideplate. A tapered iron ramrod, with flared tip, has been fitted to this musket. This musket predates 1750, when metal ramrods became a standard feature of all military muskets, but it was obviously an advantage when serving this large bore.

This oversize flat faced Brown Bess style lock is marked JORDAN, and dated 1744. It bears the King's crown mark, over a GR (Georgus Rex) indicating ownership by the King. It engages the half cock safety notch correctly, and has a powerful mainspring. This lock sparks well, and throws the shower sparks directly into the center of the pan. The trigger release is fairly light and smooth, suitable for actual use. Use our largest English musket flints, 1-1/4" size, in this lock. Order a few #FLINT-ENG-10 flints.

It will be an ideal arm to protect your 1750 - 1780 period Fort for French & Indian War or Revolutionary War period events. This nice British Wall Gun was neatly hand assembled by contemporary maker Larry Cruise from castings available from The Rifle Shoppe. Each of these castings is molded directly from the original parts of a fine antique gun in a famous collection. Although the parts are costly to make, and require more work to finish, polish, and assemble, you will feel that you are holding a antique musket when you first examine it. Such guns are a thing of joy forever. This musket ships in a special crate, and due to the dimensions ships as a oversize 70 pound object.

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