John Schreit, Reading, Pennsylvania Longrifle,
.60 caliber 44" Getz swamped barrel,
Chambers flint lock, engraved brass, cherry,
as-new by contemporary builder R. T. Caster
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Stocked in cherry this flint longrifle is made in the style of John Schreit, whose 1761 dated longrifle was once the earliest signed and dated longrifle known. John Schreit worked as a gunsmith and was located in Reading, Pennsylvania from 1758 to 1776 before relocating to Cocalico Township, Lancaster County circa 1777. This rifle shows the strong Germanic influence on the Reading Berks, County longrifle before they evolved into the later Roman nose profile. This contemporary longrifle is a very fine interpretation of the antique with well fitted parts, smooth attractive carving, and hand engraved brass furniture. This rifle was hand made and signed by contemporary builder R. J. Caster, it is in as-new condition. This fine rifle has a 13-3/4" trigger reach, and weighs 9.3 pounds and balances very nicely when held offhand.

The 44" length .60 caliber Getz swamped barrel is cut rifled with seven lands and grooves with a slow twist for a tightly patched round ball. The length and caliber very closely replicate the original length and caliber of the antique rifle. The swamped barrel is light weight due to the taper and flare of the swamped octagon barrel. The thick breech makes the barrel very strong. The thin waist saves weight, and the muzzle flares to bring the front sight to the same sighting plane as the rear sight. The nickel silver brass blade barley corn front sight is dovetailed 2-21/4" behind the muzzle. The long base rear sight is dovetailed 10" ahead of the breech. The barrel lightly blued to a dark pewter gray that nicely contrasts the reddish tone of the cherry stock.

This rifle includes:
  • A Jeff Tanner .590" diameter ball mold (no handles)
The stock was shaped from a blank of Michigan cherry and has been stained with Laurel Mountain Forge Honey maple stain to give it a very attractive reddish color with a golden undertone. The stock was finished with Laurel Mountain Forge sealer and finish and the carving was accented by rubbing with a dark wax. In as-new condition, cherry is the softest of the hardwoods commonly used to build rifles, and it will pick up small marks easier that other woods as the rifle is handled and used. The carving very closes replicates the decoration on the antique rifle, with the exclusion of the scalloped border around the incised frame that surrounds the patchbox. The carving is very well executed with crisp even weight lines on straight runs, a sign of a skilled hand and sharp tools. The buttstock has a strong Germanic influence with a wide mid-18th century style buttplate and straight comb and toe. The early style sliding wooden patchbox lid opens smoothly under finger pressure, after compressing the spring latch at the rear toward the lid. Beneath the lid is a correctly cut cavity. The cavity contains a piece of leather noting the style and date of the antique rifle it is based upon.

This top view shows the wide buttplate comb, which is hand engraved in the style of the antique and lightly patina finished to a mellow tone. Notice the cheek, which angles wider to the rear. It will recoil back and away from your cheek, making this .60 caliber rifle much easier to manage with full loads. The thumbnail flared tang of the breech plug is surrounded by incised carving. The comb is delineated by incised carving along the wrist. The lock panels taper widest to the rear in early long gun fashion.

Since this rifle does not have a toeplate, the buttplate extends just below the toe of the stock to provide a small amount of protection to this area. Clean and free of marks, it attests to the as- new condition. The polished brass triggerguard is mounted with a pin and a screw in early fashion. The ramrod entry pipe skirt is surrounded by a incised carved Fleur de Lis and continues as a incised molding that extends the length of the ramrod channel. The tapered ramrod is threaded 8-32 for loading and cleaning accessories. A brass muzzle cap protects the end grain of the stock. Our side view shows the hand made and hand engraved sideplate with border and classic shell design below the rear lock bolt. The buttstock is decorated with incised carving in the style of the antique rifle. The carving is well defined, crisp, and shaded to provide contrast against the lighter background coloration of the stock.

Our view of the lock shows that flint ignition is provided by this well tuned Jim Chambers Germanic flint lock. In early fashion the pan has no bridle arm to support the frizzen pivot screw. Instead, a massive shouldered pivot screw supports the frizzen, which tightly fits the pan. The lock also features the so-called “banana" lock plate design, because the plate curves gracefully. Such architecture made the lock flow with the lock panels toward the wrist. Later locks tend to be more straight. We recommend using our #Flint-ENG-7 best English 7/8" flints for use in this lock. The rifle has a single trigger, pinned high to provide good leverage against the sear. The barrel has a well positioned vent liner. If your flint longrifle suffers from that infamous slow whoosh-bang ignition delay, study the work of today's best gun makers, and position your vent well centered on the pan, high above the bottom, to serve as a window on the center of the flash.

This is a well finished piece of workmanship that closely replicates the appearance, decoration, barrel length and caliber of one of the earliest signed and dated American longrifles. Signed by the maker it is as-new condition. We recommend this flint longrifle to the shooter looking for a large caliber longrifle, or reenactor looking for a pre-revolutionary war longrifle.
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