Fullstock Plains Rifle,
.58 caliber, 30" De Haas barrel,
rigid beaver tail breech, maple,
L&R late English flint lock, iron trim,
used, by Mike Compton
Part Number: AAS-975
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This used fullstock Plains rifle will serve you well. Stocked in sturdy straight grain maple stained and finished to a dark brown. The 30" De Haas barrel is mated to a L&R late English flintlock. The rifle is trimmed in traditional iron furniture, all of which has a matte brown finish. Neatly assembled by contemporary builder Mike Compton. Weighing in at 7.7 pounds the fullstock rifle has a trigger reach of 13" making the gun well suited for today's shorter to average size shooter.

The .58 caliber straight octagon De Haas barrel is a handy 30" from the muzzle to the breech. The barrel is a sturdy 1" octagon across the flats. Finished a smooth brown, the barrel coloration is a nice compliment to the dark brown maple stock. The .58 caliber bore is mirror bright and clean, cut rifled with a 1 in 66" twist with six lands and grooves, grooves wider than lands. We recommend our, #BALL-570, .570" round balls, #OX-18-50-D, .018" Ox-Yoke ticking patches, and pure #MINK-OIL patch grease for accurate shooting. A flat top rear sight is dovetailed 9" ahead of the breech. A nickel silver blade front sight is dovetailed behind the muzzle.

This Hawken fullstock stock is correctly trimmed entirely in traditional iron furniture. The modestly curved late Hawken buttplate, will help to minimize the recoil from the .58 caliber bore. The plain maple stock is finished to a dark brown with a satin sheen finish. Used the stock has some scattered handling marks, and a dull streak in the finish from water with black powder residue wetting the stock along the comb during cleaning. This rifle is fitted with a long beaver tail solid or "fixed" breech. The long tang supports the two tang bolts that anchor the tang to the long trigger plate, reinforcing the wrist, a classic feature of rugged Hawken rifles. Screw slots of the tang screws are neatly aligned with the barrel, a nice touch. The top of the barrel is signed "Box" Compton.

Our bottom view shows the fancy Hawken toeplate with long finial. Hawken double set triggers, by L&R, are made with very long trigger bar. Two screws enter from the long steel tang, re-enforcing the wrist from above and below. This was a desirable feature for a Mountain Man, when trapping in remote areas. The 7/16" diameter hickory ramrod is held in place by classic Hawken browned iron ramrod pipes. The ramrod is fitted with a steel tip threaded 8-32 for loading and cleaning accessories. A browned iron muzzle cap protects the end grain of the stock. The single lock bolt is surrounded by a tear drop sideplate escutcheon. The buttstock is shaped with an oval cheek piece to comfortable align the sights.

This rifle is fitted with a L&R late English flintlock, typical of a 1820 to 1830 era late flintlock design. This lock has a water-proof pan, roller bearing frizzen spring, stirrup link, stiff mainspring, and fly detent to allow the use of a set trigger. Turned raised bearing rings on the tumbler and sear minimize friction.This flintlock has a strong mainspring and sparks very well. We recommend our #FLINT-ENG-6 3/4" knapped English flints for best performance. The stainless steel touch hole liner brings the main charge very close to the priming flash. This vent is perfectly centered over the pan, correctly positioned to find the hottest center of the ignition flash. Used the barrel and upper lock panel show some wear from firing and cleaning.

The Hawken double set triggers, by L&R , are made with very long trigger bar. The triggers are properly tuned to fire from the set, or unset position. You can cock the lock before or after setting the triggers. Adjust the screw between the two triggers, inboard to reduce set trigger release pressure, our outboard to require a stronger pressure. When screwed fully inboard, the adjustment screw disables the rear trigger, so the rifle must be fired from the front trigger, which requires about a four pound pull for release. It is wise to disable the rear trigger, when hunting in very cold weather. But the set trigger can provide very light release, perhaps an ounce or two, for accurate aimed shooting during pleasant weather.

If you are in the market for a well made fullstock Plains rifle in a large caliber then consider this lovely piece today. Built to be a shooter with a .58 caliber De Haas barrel, and late English flintlock. This handy rifle would be an excellent addition to any black powder shooters collection and should work great at the range this summer and in the woods next fall.
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