J. P. Beck, Pennsylvania Longrifle,
.50 caliber 36" tapered octagon barrel,
curly maple, brass, fancy single set trigger,
by the late Homer Dangler
Part Number: AAS-140
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The design of this longrifle is highly influenced by the work of John Philip Beck - Lebanon, Pennsylvania. This nice rifle was created by the noted contemporary gunmaker Homer Dangler and is initialed on the top flat of the barrel. Made "in-the-white" rifle by Mr. Dangler, this rifle is used, with some marks on the stock and a textured patina at the breech around the vent hole. Stocked in curly maple finished to a medium brown. The brass furniture has developed a dark olive patina. tone. The brown finish on the Siler flint lock, tapered octagon barrel, and the fancy single set trigger all display some wear from handling and cleaning. Weighing 8.6 pounds, the rifle has a trigger reach of 13-3/4", to fit today's man size shooter.

This longrifle is fitted with a 36" tapered octagon barrel cut rifled in .50 caliber. The bore is rifled with seven square cut grooves in a slow twist for a tightly patched round ball. The barrel tapers from 1" at the breech to 53/64" at the muzzle. The muzzle is neatly decorated with small stars, a nice touch sometimes found on antique longrifles.

The golden brown stain on the stock nicely accents the modest figure displayed through the buttstock. The large tall, nearly flat buttplate will help spread the felt recoil from the .50 caliber bore over a large area. The stock has shrunk slightly and the buttplate now stands just above the wood. A line of incised carving extends from the front of the comb to the lower edge of the wrist.

The brass buttplate is shaped with five flats and a wedding band transition. The cheek is angled to the rear, to recoil away from your face, an ingenious feature found on better rifles. The wrist moves into the flared tang of the 36" barrel that stretches forward from the breech. Finished with a smooth brown finish the top flat of the barrel is initialed by the gun maker H + L + D.

The semi buckhorn rear sight is dovetailed 6-1/4" ahead of the breech. The nickel silver front sight with integral base is 2" behind the muzzle.

Our bottom view of the rifle shows the unadorned toe and brass triggerguard of the gun. The toe of the buttplate was shaped to extend just past the toe to provide some protection to the wood in this area.

Well ahead of the triggerguard and out of the picture the ramrod is held in place by two forward pipes and one entry pipe. A muzzlecap is fitted to the rifle to protect the end grain of the stock. The 3/8" wooden ramrod is fitted with a 8-32 threaded brass tip on the hidden end of the ramrod.

Sure-fire ignition is provided by this Jim Chambers' large Siler flint lock. This lock has a good strong mainspring and throws a shower of sparks flying when the flint and frizzen connect. We recommend our 3/4" knapped English flints for best performance in this lock. The brown finish displays a true patina along the edges from handling and cleaning, from normal handling.

Fast ignition is assured by the vent liner, positioned well above the bottom of the pan, centered on the heat of the flash. The area around the vent has a well aged patina from firing and cleaning. If your flint longrifle suffers from that infamous slow whoosh-bang ignition delay, study the work of today's best gun makers, and position your vent well centered on the pan, high above the bottom, to serve as a window on the center of the flash.

This elegant single set trigger has a scroll decorations sometimes found on fine early American longrifles. This fancy trigger is best qualit. Each part was machined from solid steel, assembled by W. C. Cain. This single set, single action trigger must be "set" by pushing it forward until it latches. Set the trigger before cocking the lock.

The J. P. Beck style brass sideplate is retained by two lock bolts that pass through the stock and engage the lock on the opposite side. Simple incised carvings extend from the front edge of the comb and from the rear of the cheek piece.

Ready for deer hunting, ready for primitive rendezvous competition, this fine gun is not too fancy, not too flashy, ready to take into the woods. Legal for use in Pennsylvania's flint only hunting season, the .50 caliber ball is the most popular choice, by far.

If you desire a attractive longrifle by a well known contemporary American gun maker, then consider this piece by the late Homer Dangler. A wonderful piece for display the rifle should also be an excellent shooter, add it to your black powder rifle collection today!

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