1880's Mexican Double Loop Holster ,
for 7-1/2" barrel, leather, by C. Childs
Part Number: AAT-495
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This right hand holster is made of 8/9 oz. vegetable tanned leather. The holster features a yellow rose with two aged nickel spots on the upper loop and three spots o the lower loop. The body is framed with a border design and makers stamp typical of examples from the 1880 period. Made by C Childs.

The holster is dyed a light brown and will carry the 7-1/2" barreled Colt 1873 Peacemaker, Colt 1872 open top, 1851 and 1860 Army revolvers and cartridge conversions. The maker suggests a Remington revolver would be tight, but should fit. The holster will NOT accept the original Ruger Vaquero or the Smith & Wesson Schofield revolvers. .

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