The Kodiak Laminated Carbon Steel Knife Blank
3-3/4" blade,
made in Norway
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These rugged blades are more durable in severe service than most ordinary blades. Forge laminated from three layers of special steel alloys. The outer layers are flexible layers of spring stock that provide flex and shock resistance. The center core is high carbon cutlery steel, hardened to a greater degree than most other blades. Quick and easy to sharpen, this hardened cutlery steel core will hold a razor's edge.

Handle tangs are annealed for drilling, filing or threading. Blades are ground, polished, and shipped sharp. Be careful! These blades are very sharp, and tend to stay that way. We enjoy using these economical imported blades in our shipping department, where they cut fiberglas tape, plastic bands, cardboard by the mile, and they encounter an occasional staple. Now that is severe service!

This Norwegian blade of laminated steel will make a fine knife for the muzzle loading hunter. It will serve you as a patch knife, and you can use its curved tip for skinning big game, or cleaning water fowl.

Antler makes a handsome handle for a hunter's knife. Cut the tang to a length of two to three inches, file "teeth" in the tang to serve as anchor points. Drill out the soft center of your antler, and assemble the handle using two part epoxy. Old timers used pine pitch resin, an ancient type of hot melt glue. This blade is .117" thick.

Blade is 3-3/4", with a overall length of 9-1/4". Laminated carbon steel 0.117" thick.
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