Plains Indian and Mountain Man
Arts and Crafts
An Illustrated Guide

by Charles W. Overstreet
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This handbook contains 45 illustrated projects include a leather ball bag, Cheyenne war club, Pawnee ceremonial shield, horn cup and spoon. Sewing leather, and lazy stitch are described. Soft bound, 8-1/2 x 11", with 160 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Introduction
  • Making Rawhide
  • Tanning Leather
  • Making Brain-Tanned Buckskin
  • Plains Indian Beadwork
  • Kiowa Antler-Handled Awl
  • Accessories
    • Sea Shells
    • Hooves and Dew Claws
    • Antlers
    • Tinkles
    • Beaded Feathers
  • A Mountain Man Ball Bag
  • Cheyenne War Club
  • Ute Bone Handle Knife
  • Displaying a Beaver Pelt
  • The Dream Catcher
  • Comanche Hoop Drum
  • Trapper's Possibles Bag
  • Ute Warrior's Coup Stick
  • Lakota Bone Necklace
  • Apache Prayer Stick
  • Crow Deer Skull Totem
  • Comanche Eagle Feather Fan
  • Ojos de Dios
  • Pawnee Ceremonial Shield
  • Mountain Man Powder Horn
  • Kiowa Antler Totem
  • Lakota Peace Pipe
  • Knots of the Mountain Man
  • Trapper's Knife Sheath
  • Crow Parfleche Knife Case
  • Blackfoot Ceremonial Case
  • Ute Parfleche Knife Case
  • Personal Totem
  • Comanche Buffalo Lance
  • Minniconjou Dance Rattle
  • Pawnee Antler Handle Knife
  • Mountain Man Rifle Case
  • Oklahoma Plains Indian Flute
  • Horn Hat Rack
  • Apache Cloth Dye
  • Indian Games
    • The Wheel and Stick Game
    • Hand Game
  • Lakota Bear Amulet
  • Pistol Holster
  • Cheyenne Cow Skull Totem
  • Crow Pipe-Bone Breastplate
  • Lakota War Bonnet
  • Household Items
    • Horn Cup and Spoon
    • Gourd Cup
  • Cheyenne Medicine Arrows
  • Arapaho Saddle
  • References
  • Eagle's View Order Form

ISBN: 0-943604-41-9
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