The Beaver Men
by Mari Sandoz
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Covering more than two centuries, The Beaver Men ranges from the beginnings of the beaver trade along the St. Lawrence, to the last great fur trade rendezvous of traders and trappers, on Ham's Fork, Wyoming, in 1834. Soft cover, 335 pages, 17 illustrations.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword
  • Book I. Soft Gold
    • Chapter 1 Bearded Men and Summer Fairs
    • Chapter 2 Castor, Guardian of Hospitality
    • Chapter 3 Paddle and Portage
    • Chapter 4 Still Ponds and War Whoops
  • Book II. The Rise of the Company
    • Chapter 1 River to the "Vermillion Sea"
    • Chapter 2 The Romantic Explorations
    • Chapter 3 The Gentlemen Adventurers
    • Chapter 4 A Daring Race of Scots
    • Chapter 5 The Five Villages - International Prey
  • Book III. The Fiercer Rivalries
    • Chapter 1 Voyageurs of the Plains
    • Chapter 2 Americans to the Western Sea
    • Chapter 3 Winter of the Explorers
    • Chapter 4 Fur Fair and Blackfeet Wall
    • Chapter 5 Pursuit of the Eternal Remnant
    • Chapter 6 Romantic Buckskin to the Last Boisson
    • Chapter 7 "Gone" Rendezvous and Foppish Silk
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • Key to Map on Pages ii-iii

ISBN: 0-8032-5884-4
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