Recreating the Double Barrel Muzzleloading Shotgun,
Second Edition,
by William R. Brockway Currently out of print
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A companion to Recreating the American Longrifle this book illustrates the theory and practice of making your own double barrel flint or percussion shotgun.

The author uses many lovely photographs of original guns and guns of his own make, as well as line drawings to illustrate his techniques. The author shows how to adapt commonly available modern barrels, matching right and left locks, triggers, triggerguards, and other parts, for use in scratch building a double shotgun.

This popular book, first published in 1985, out of print for over a decade, has been updated by the author, Bill Brockway, an architect and enthusiastic shotgun builder and shooter.

Soft bound, 198 pages, with full-scale fold-out plans, black & white photos and illustrations.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Forword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1 The Classic English Shotgun
  • Chapter 2 Tooling Up
  • Chapter 3 Construction Sequence
  • Chapter 4 About Barrels
  • Chapter 5 Making the Breech Plugs
  • Chapter 6 Finishing the Breech Plugs - Percussion
  • Chapter 7 Finishing the Breech Plugs - Flint
  • Chapter 8 Proofing the Barrels
  • Chapter 9 The Standing Breech
  • Chapter 10 Locks, and How They Work
  • Chapter 11 Percussion Locks
  • Chapter 12 Flintlocks
  • Chapter 13 Stock Wood
  • Chapter 14 Inletting the Locks
  • Chapter 15 The Barrel Hardware
  • Chapter 16 Roughing Out the Stock
  • Chapter 17 Inletting the Locks
  • Chapter 18 Triggers and Guards
  • Chapter 19 Shaping the Stock
  • Chapter 20 The Buttplate
  • Chapter 21 Entry Thimbles, Inlays and Keepers
  • Chapter 22 Polishing the Metal Parts
  • Chapter 23 Engraving and Metallic Inlays
  • Chapter 24 Bluing, Browning and Color Hardening
  • Chapter 25 Staining, Finishing and Checkering
  • Chapter 26 The Loading Rod
  • Chapter 27 Regulating the Barrels
  • Periodicals
  • Bibliography
  • Sources of Supply

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