A Study of Remington's Smoot Patent
& Number Four Revolvers
by Harry J. Parker Ph.D., Ora Lee Parker M.A., Joan S. Reisch Ph. D.
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Over the past fifty years, nearly twenty informative and authoritative books have been written on Remington firearms. All, it appears, have increased the collecting and shooting interest in Remington. But one area has been neglected until now: that of the Smoot Patent No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 revolvers, and the No. 4 revolvers. Author Harry Parker wrote about these pocket revolvers in arms magazines during the mid-1970's, but several generations of collectors have grown up not having read Dr. Parkers words. Now nearly thirty years later, with the benefit of many more years study of existing specimens, Dr. Parker and his wife and associate have produced this epic volume.

Readers will appreciate the authors' dedication, and the meticulous manner in which they undertook this endeavor. They have successfully combined in one volume a biography of the revolvers inventor, with a concise history of E. Remington & Sons, with an engineers approach to the study of the manufacturing process of the guns. All in all, this book is a welcome addition to the Remington bookshelf, and a classic study that will remain unchallenged for decades to come. Soft bound, 120 pages, 8 pages of color photos, black and white.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Foreword, by Roy M. Marcot
  • Bibliography of William S. Smoot
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 No. 1 Smoot Patent Revolvers
  • Color Plates of Smoot Patent and No. 4 Revolvers
  • Chapter 2 No. 2 Smoot Patent Revolvers
  • Chapter 3 No. 3 Smoot Patent Revolvers
  • Chapter 4 No. 4 New Model Revolvers
  • Table of Serial Number Ranges, Production, Finishes, Grip Materials, and Calibers for the three Smoot Patent and the No. 4 Revolvers
  • Epilogue
  • The Firearms Patents of William Sydney Smoot
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

ISBN: 1-882824-21-0
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