Trade Guns of the Hudson's Bay Company,
1670 - 1970
by S. James Gooding
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Trade guns are a class of firearm made in northern Europe that evolved during the early years of the seventeenth century and that were made for barter to the natives of the sub Saharan Africa, North America, and South America. By 1670 they had achieved a reputation for being the cheapest, most-dangerous-to-the-user-firearm, that money could buy. This reputation must be examined in order to put the trade guns of the Hudson's Bay Company into perspective. Gunmakers who supplied and those who inspected company firearms were some of the leading craftsmen of London. The price paid by the Company for guns can be used as a measure of quality. Cost figures are available for 72 of the first 100 years and there is considerable comparative material, including board of ordnance costs for Long Land Pattern muskets.

In addition this book contains photos of surviving examples of firearms, and makers marks. Lists of the view masters, and company gunmakers and dates for their Trade Gun contracts. As well as comparative values of other furs vs. beaver pelts. Hard cover, illustrated, 158 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1 The Hudson's Bay Company
    • Pierre Radisson & the HBC
    • Trading Posts on Hudson Bay, c.1830
    • The Standard of Trade
    • The Northwest Company
    • The Union, 1821
    • English & Indian: a Vocabulary
    • Deed of Surrender, 1869
  • Chapter 2 H.B.C. Trade Guns and the English Gun Trade
    • Company Gunmakers
    • Gun Barrel Proof
    • The Tombstone Fox
    • Made in England
    • Not English Make
    • The Company View/Proof Master
    • Company Armorers & Gunsmiths
    • The Armorers Indent
  • Chapter 3 Trade Guns, the First 30 Years
    • The Earliest Trade Guns
    • The Snaphance Musket
    • The Oakes Pattern Trade Gun
    • The Albany River Guns
    • The Holland Gun Experiment
  • Chapter 4 The NW Gun & its Flintlock Contemporaries
    • The North West Gun
    • Pattern Guns & Sample Guns
    • Flintlocks & Lock Construction
    • The H.B.C. Pattern Flintlock
    • Barrel Length & Barrel Weight
    • Caliber, Gauge & Bore
    • Stock Design
    • Serpent Sideplates
    • Large Triggerguards
    • Buttplates
    • Trade Rifles
    • Fine Guns and Special Features
    • After the Union
    • Pistols for Vermin
    • Buccaneer Guns
  • Chapter 5 The Percussion Trade Gun
    • The First Percussion Guns
    • Lovell's Pattern 1842
    • The Pattern 1853 Enfield
    • Fine Guns of Percussion Ignition
    • The Imperial Line of Percussion Guns
  • Chapter 6 Breech Loading Guns & Department Store Sales
    • Belgian Hammer Guns
    • The Garry Double Gun
    • The Imperial Line
    • Proprietary Brands
    • The Leading Manufacturers
    • Canadian Manufacturers
    • Military Rifles
  • Chapter 7 Ammunition, Munitions, & Related Trade Goods
    • Gunpowder & Powder Suppliers
    • Ball & Shot
    • Gunflints
    • Percussion Caps
    • Loading & Reloading Equipment
    • Gun Worms
    • Copper Tacks, Rammer Tacks, and Stock Decoration
    • Bayonets Without Sockets
    • Powder Horns
    • Shotgun Shells & Rifle Cartridges
    • Red Gun Cases
  • Appendix I Selected Notes from the Hudson's Bay Archives
  • Appendix II Annual Trade Gun Sales, 1670-1780
  • Appendix III A Chronological Listing of Company Gunmakers
  • Appendix IV Winter, 1910 Catalog
  • Appendix V Imperial & Metric
  • Bibliography
  • End Notes
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