The Socket Bayonet
in the British Army

by Erik Goldstein
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The development of the socket bayonet, which allowed muskets to be fired with bayonets attached, revolutionized warfare in its day and played a crucial role in the growth of the British Empire. This new study traces these bayonets from their invention until the end of the American Revolution. every step in their evolution is covered in the text, which is fully illustrated with photographs, artwork and historical images. Softcover, 7 x 10", 136 pages, numerous photos and illustrations.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • History of the First Socket Bayonets
  • Between Plug and Socket
  • Early Flat-Bladed Bayonets
  • Colonel's Purchase Bayonets with Hollow Triangular Blades
    • The Predden/3rd Guards Bayonets, c.1715
    • Other Colonel's Purchase Bayonets, 1710-1740
  • Crescent-Bladed Bayonets
  • The Procurement of Land Pattern Bayonets
  • Early Land Pattern Bayonets
    • Long-Shanked Early Land Pattern Bayonets, c.1720-1735
    • Pattern 1727 Bayonets
    • Short-Shanked Early Land Pattern Bayonets
  • "Removed-Shield" Bayonets
  • Land Pattern Bayonets
    • Pattern 1768 Bayonets
  • Liege & German Contract Land Pattern Bayonets
  • Land Pattern Bayonets with Spring Catches
  • The Dutch Purchases, 1706-1759
  • Long-Shanked "Dutch" Bayonets, c.1715-1730
  • Short-Shanked "Dutch" Bayonets, c.1730-1780
  • Carbine/Fusil Bayonets
  • Scabbards
  • The Evolution of the British Musket Bayonet c.1700-1780
  • Markings
  • The Lineage of the Crowned Broad Arrow
  • Bayonet Procurement Charts
  • Endnotes
  • Bibliography
  • Index

ISBN: 0-917218-95-7
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