Remington Rolling Block Rifles, Carbines & Shotguns
Sporting & Target Rifles,
by Roy Marcot
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This large hardcover book if filled with excellent full color photos detailing the many different models of Remington Rolling Block Rifles, and options. Hard cover, 8-1/2 x 11", over 300 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:

  • Chapter 1 The Remington Rolling Block Action
  • Chapter 2 Development of the Rolling Block System
  • Early Remington Rolling Block Sporting Rifles
    • Early Round Barrel Sporting Rifles
    • Early Octagonal Barrel Sporting Rifles
  • Chapter 4 Remington No. 1 Sporting Rifles
    • Cartridge Designations Stamped on Sporting & Target Rifles
    • U.S. Patent Markings on Remington Sporting Rifles
    • Markings Hidden Under the Barrel
    • Modern Remington Rolling Block Rifles
  • Chapter 5 Remington Rolling Block Special Sporting Rifles
    • Remington Buffalo Rifles
    • Remington Deer Rifles
    • Remington Adirondack Sporting Rifles
    • Springfield-Remington Officer''s Sporting Rifles
    • Remington Black Hills Sporting Rifles
    • Remington Rifles Used for Hunting Buffalo
  • Chapter 6 Engraved Remington Sporting and Target Rifles
  • Chapter 7 Remington No. 1 Creedmoor Long Range Rifles
    • The Beginning of the National Rifle Association
    • The Creedmoor Target Range
    • The 1874 International Target Match
    • The 1875 International Match at Dollymount
    • The 1876 American Centennial Rifle Matches
    • The 1877 International Palma Match
    • The 1878 Hilton International Military Match
    • Creedmoor Suffers a Mortal Blow
    • Remington No. 1 Creedmoor Long Range Target Rifles
    • Precision Sights for Creedmoor Rifles
    • Portfolio of Creedmoor Long Range Rifles
  • Chapter 8 Remington Mid-Range Target Rifles
  • Chapter 9 Remington Short Range Target Rifles
  • Chapter 10 Schuetzen Off-Hand Target Rifles
  • Chapter 11 Remington No. 1 Bench Rest Target Rifles
  • Chapter 12 Frontier Gunsmith Rolling Block Rifles
    • Freund & Bros. Firearms
    • Carlos Gove Modified Remington Sporting Rifles
    • John P. Lower Firearms
    • James Bown & Son Modified Remington Target Rifles
  • Chapter 13 Remington No 1-1/2 Sporting and Target Rifles
  • Chapter 14 Remington No. 2 Sporting and Target Rifles
  • Chapter 15 Remington No. 4. Sporting Rifles
  • Chapter 16 Remington No. 5. Sporting Rifles
  • Chapter 17 Remington No. 7 Sporting Rifles

ISBN: 978-0-9611494-0-6
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