British Cartridge Manufacturers, Loaders and Retailers,
including Ironmongers and Gunsmiths

by C.W. Harding
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As the demand for old cartridge gun has grown, so has the demand for old cartridge specimines. This book is the perfect reference for the collector of British cartridge guns. It contains a wealth of information on historical cartridge makers, company records and hundreds of color photos of original cartridges, period advertisements and illustrations of markings.

Chapters include:
  • George Henry Daw
  • Frederick Joyce and Company of London
  • Nobel's
  • Greenwood & Batley Ltd.
  • Trent Guns & Cartridges Ltd.
  • Cogwell & Harrison Ltd.
  • Remington & Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
  • The Hull Cartridge Co. Ltd.
  • Messrs, Jas. R. Watson & Co.
  • Pneumatic Cartridge Co. Ltd.
  • Page-Wood & Co.
  • Schultze Gunpowder Co. Ltd.
  • John Hall & Son
  • The EC Powder Co. Ltd.
  • The New Explosives Co. Ltd.
  • The Smokeless Powder Co.
  • The Normal Powder Syndicate Ltd.
  • Luck's Explosives Ltd.
  • Messrs Curtis's & Harvey
  • Charles Hellis.
  • The smaller and lesser known cartridge manufacturers
  • Brands of shotgun cartridges which once originated from gunmakers, gunsmiths, ironmongers and other retailers in the U.K.

Hard cover, 8-1/2" x 11" format, 328 pages, color photos & illustrations. ISBN 978-1-84689-145-8. By C.W. Harding.
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