The Birmingham Cartridge Manufactures,
by C.W. Harding
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This is an in-depth review of the former munitions companies of Birmingham including glimpses in the related social history of its workforce. The author covers both shotgun cartridge and metallic cartridge production across a huge range of products giving examples of their related patents and headstamps. The book is profusely illustrated with cartridge photographs together with those of the staff and their former workplaces.

In the book the author traces the rise and fall of these companies as they sought to match the demands of the day often fueled by both home and overseas wars and their subsequent diversification into other areas of production. The many companies covered by the book include such names and BSA, Westley Richards, Kynock, WW Greener and The Midland Gun Company, whose former ammunition production is now all but forgotten.

With its wealth of detailed information and many illustrations, Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers is the most definitive book written to date on this subject.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Chapter 1: The emergence and growth of the Birmingham ammunition trade and its links to the gun trade
  • Chapter 2: The percussion cap manufacturers of Birmingham
  • Chapter 3: The ammunition manufacturers of Holford Works, Perry Barr, Birmingham 1870-1900
  • Chapter 4: Birmingham Small Arms Co. Ltd and Birmingham Small Arms & Metal Co.
  • Chapter 5: Birmingham Metal & Munitions Co. 1897-1921
  • Chapter 6: G. Kynock & Co, G. Kynock & Co. Ltd and Kynock Ltd
  • Chapter 7: The Kings Norton Metal Company Limited 1889 - 1918
  • Chapter 8: The lesser cartridge companies on which, in many cases, little is known.
  • Chapter 9 Cartridge manufacturing sites immediately adjacent to Birmingham

ISBN 978 1 84689 064 2
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