The Handbook of Modern Percussion Revolver
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Old blackpowder handguns look great hung over your mantle, but they're much more fun to shoot! Now, thanks to the Handbook of Modern Percussion Revolvers you can learn just how entertaining these history-making firearms can be. Includes detailed loading advice for today's modern percussion revolvers, tips and tricks for accurate shooting, in-depth breakdowns for the three most popular working reproductions and dozens of historical fun facts and trivia.

Chapters include:

  • Parts and terminology
  • Famous folks
  • Inner workins - it's all a matter of timing
  • Blackpowder - where it all starts
  • The percussion cap - lighting the fire
  • The bullet - when is a ball not round?
  • The load chain - building consistency
  • On the firing line - shooting techniques
  • Dishwasher safe? - cleaning and preserving percussion revolvers
  • Perfecting geometry - uncovering hidden flaws
  • Sighting in
  • Accessories
  • Disassembling instructions - Colt 1860 Army
  • Disassembling instructions - Remington 1858 New Model Army
  • Disassembling instructions - Ruger Old Navy

    Soft cover, 159 pages, 9" x 6" format, color images, by Michael Morgan.
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