Home Gunsmithing the Colt Single Action Revolvers
~Repair, Rework, Operation, Polishing & Rebluing

by Loren W. Smith
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This book offers the Colt Single Action owner detailed pertinent information on the operation and servicing of the famous and historic handgun. The detection of wear and worn parts and their proper replacement.by the shooter or collector is expertly covered. The costs of currently available new replacement parts are given, together with the correct part numbers. The complete procedures for those wishing to rebuild or modernize the Single Action to present day calibers are presented in step-by-step from disassembly to final targeting of the rebuilt arm, including the polishing and rebluing. The reworking of the firing mechanism to give a light and smooth trigger pull together with slight alteration procedures to achieve the precision shooting that a Single Action can deliver is throughly described and illustrated. Hardcover 6 x 9",` 120 pages, black and white photography.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • 1. Brief History of the Colt Single Action Army Model
  • 2. Parts and Mechanism of the Frontier
  • 3. Operation and Stripping of the Frontier
  • 4. How to Replace the Cylinder and Bolt
  • 5. How to Install New Barrels
  • Hammer and Trigger Fitting and Repair
  • 7. How to Tighten and Smooth Up the Action
  • 8. Adjustment of the Sights and Targeting the Gun
  • 9. Short Action Rework
  • 10. Polishing and Rebluing
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