A Shining Time - Volume Two,
Hunters, Scouts and Plainsmen,
1835 - 1875
,with slightly damaged cover
by Ted Spring
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The second volume in this new series covers the later 1835-1875 period of scouts and buffalo hunters. Soft cover, 8-1/2 x 11" format, 100 pages.

Ted Spring's sketches and text are enjoyable to study. You will find yourself researching and replicating these rare artifacts for your primitive camp.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Cover Page
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Pocket Guns
  • Buffalo Pistols
  • Paterson Pistol
  • Paterson Carbine
  • The Buffalo
  • Indians and Buffalo
  • The Buffalo Guns
  • A Short Fusil
  • Military Guns
  • Before the Sharps
  • C. Sharps Rifles
  • Remington Rifles
  • Henry Repeating Rifle
  • Winchester Rifle
  • Percussion Revolvers
  • Holsters and Belts
  • Testing Revolvers
  • The Cartridge
  • Cartridge Pistols
  • A Revolving Rifle
  • Casting Bullets
  • The Hunting
  • The Hide
  • The Bone Harvest
  • The Buffalo Men
  • Skinnin
  • Still Hunting
  • Coats and Jackets
  • Breeches and Trousers
  • Wolf Hunter
  • Hats
  • Hunters Knives
  • Boots and Shoes
  • Saddles
  • Day to Day Items
  • References-Preview
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